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About Quadency

Quadency is a smart trading terminal that simplifies the increasingly complex crypto trading experience. By aggregating major crypto exchanges and wallets for a 360 portfolio view, Quadency provides a unified portfolio management system. The Quadency platform offers pre-built trading bots, from a simple accumulator bot to advanced high-frequency strategies, enabling traders of all skill levels to easily use trading automations.

Quadency Features

  • Smart Trading Terminal – for unified digital asset investing and portfolio management through API trading and wallet integration. Enables a 360 portfolio view and crypto trading platform with 1500+ digital assets and 13+ leading exchanges and wallets from one, simplified user interface.
  • Portfolio Monitoring – Automatic and real-time portfolio analytics dashboard for visualizing performance, asset allocations and trading statistics.
  • Unified APIs – A single API integration allows you to send orders directly to the exchanges, eliminating the need for custom one-off integrations. Use cases include algorithmic trading bots requiring real-time order books, ticker and trade history. 
  • CEX and DEX Trading – Manage digital assets across 13+ leading centralized exchanges plus DEX trading with simplified swaps, staking and liquidity providing.
  • Trading Bots – Trading automation strategies that are easy to set up, backtest and run live:
    • Accumulator 
    • Portfolio Rebalancer
    • Smart Order
    • Market Maker
    • Market Maker Plus
    • MACD
    • TradingView Bot
    • Strategy Coder
    • Mean Reversion
    • Grid Trader
    • Bollinger Bands
    • DMAC
  • High Speed & Mobile-Ready Trading – provides all the powers of Quadency’s trading performance and automation tools on the go from your mobile device, available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • QUAD Platform Token
    The high utility QUAD will:
    • Enable access to premium features
    • Fuel growth strategies
    • Facilitate industry-low trading fees
  • Market Data Market Data – Downloadable historical data for any custom needs – including OHLCV for over 3000 trading pairs, in formats ranging from CSV to SQL dump and more.
  • Institutional Platform – For hedge funds and portfolio managers, a private instance of Quadency’s institutional-grade trading platform can be customized and deployed in any infrastructure, giving complete control over data and API keys to the client.
    • Provide Quadency users with 360 access to CeFi and DeFi markets
    • Initiate Quadency’s staking-made-easy and Learn-to-Earn programs.

Quadency Products

Quadency is a platform that provides a single, secure and easy-to-use experience for trading, managing and analyzing the performance of crypto assets across multiple exchanges.

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Quadency Team

Manish Kataria
Manish Kataria

COO & Co-Founder

Fateh Singh
Fateh Singh


Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan


Quadency Headquarters

Nerine Chambers, PO Box 905 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands

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