What is Quadency?

Quadency is a New York-based technology startup building digital asset trading and portfolio management tools for retail and institutional investors.

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  • Trading Platform – Professional grade trading platform with advanced charting and intuitive order management allows traders to manage their accounts from popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Portfolio Monitoring – Automatic and real-time portfolio analytics dashboard for visualizing performance, asset allocations and trading statistics.
  • Unified APIs – Use cases include algorithmic trading bots requiring real-time order books, ticker and trade history. A single API integration allows you to send orders directly to the exchanges, eliminating the need for custom one-off integrations.
  • Market Data – Downloadable historical data for any custom needs – including OHLCV for over 3000 trading pairs, in formats ranging from CSV to SQL dump and more.
  • Institutional Platform – For hedge funds and portfolio managers, a private instance of Quadency’s institutional-grade trading platform can be customized and deployed in any infrastructure, giving complete control over data and API keys to the client.
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Tony Tran +

CTO & Co-Founder

Manish Kataria +

COO & Co-Founder