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Virtual asset service provider

Amber Group Background

Amber Group is a digital asset trading firm that provides liquidity across all major exchanges, applications, and networks with companies ranging from token issuers, banks, and fintech firms, to sports teams, game developers, brands, and creators. It is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Dubai, EMEA, and North America.

Its core value is building strong relationships with its clients; helping them buy and sell digital assets, earn yield, manage risk, and access liquidity. Through its consumer fintech platform, WhaleFin, individual investors can enjoy secure, award-winning investing services including app & web trading, fixed income and structured products.

Its team comprisesย  of dynamic, entrepreneurial technologists, traders, and engineers on a mission to enable frictionless markets.

Amber Group News

Amber Group Services

WhaleFin is Amber Groupโ€™s flagship digital asset platform for individuals. For Institutional, it offers the following services:

Trading & Liquidity

  • Electronic Market Making
  • OTC Trading
  • Execution Services

Investment Products

  • Overcollateralized Lending & Investment Products
  • Derivatives & Structured Products


  • Collateralized Lending
  • Staking
  • Investing & DeFi

Amber Group Team

Amber Group
Michael Wu

Chief Executive Officer

Amber Group
Wayne Huo

Chief Operating Officer

Amber Group
Thomas Zhu

Chief Technology Officer

Amber Group Support

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