What is Madnetwork?

The MAD Network is a toolkit of decentralized applications aimed at facilitating peer-to-peer exchange of ad campaigns, ad inventory and data via a distributed network of exchanges, servers and data management platforms. The MAD Network will be comprised of multiple blockchain layers including a payment rail and a proof-of-real-work blockchain.

Madnetwork Technical Details

Hash Algorithm PoS
Org. Structure Decentralized
Open Source Yes

Madnetwork Team

Adam Helfgott
Adam Helfgott

Project Lead

Tom Bollich
Tom Bollich

Lead Architect

Konstantin Richter
Konstantin Richter

Token Strategist

Chris Powers
Chris Powers

Project Manager

MAD Network & Signals

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MAD Sentiment

ICO Details

ICO Start Date Dec 14, 2017
ICO End Date Dec 17, 2017
Total Raised 7,000,000 USD (Phase1)
Soft Cap $55,000,000
Hard Cap $55,000,000 USD
Total Supply 220,000,000 MAD
Investor Supply 28,000,000 MAD
ICO Conversion

1 MAD = $0.25
(Phase 1)

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