Blockchain Seattle 2018: Seattle’s Premier Blockchain Community Event [INTERVIEW] Blockchain Seattle 2018: Seattle’s Premier Blockchain Community Event [INTERVIEW]
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Blockchain Seattle 2018: Seattle’s Premier Blockchain Community Event [INTERVIEW]

Blockchain Seattle 2018: Seattle’s Premier Blockchain Community Event [INTERVIEW]

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Join prominent figures in blockchain at the Pacific Northwest’s capital to learn, discuss and collaborate on the developing landscape of decentralized technology. Taking place on September 10-11, Blockchain Seattle 2018 is “Seattle’s premier blockchain community event.”

Learn, Network and Grow

Blockchain Seattle
Blockchain Seattle is aimed to educate, connect, and showcase the best of the Pacific NW region’s blockchain community.

Founded in 2016, Blockchain Seattle began as a local meetup of enthusiasts and grew to a community of over 2,000 members interested in the revolutionary impacts of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Seattle will gather a panel of exceptional speakers to address blockchain applications, integration, regulation, investments and global impacts. A few key speakers include:

  • Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder of Bloq and Founding Partner at Tally Capital
  • Joe Roets, Founder and CEO of Dragonchain
  • Peter Vessenes, Chairman and Co-Founder at New Alchemy
  • Mark Mueller-Eberstein, CEO and Founder at Adgetec Corporation
  • Jennifer O’Rourke, Co-Founder and President at Attest Inc.
  • Dr. Joseph Williams, State of Washington ICT Economic Development Director
  • Kate Mitselmakher, CEO and Founder of Bloccelerate VC
  • Chris Jones, Co-Founder of Blockchain Seattle and President of Dragonscale

The event’s agenda offers an interactive focus on community-building through “multiple interest-specific tracks, a Developer’s Academy, a Women in Blockchain Breakfast, and an Expo-Zone for business professionals.”

Describing the conference objectives, Co-Founder at Blockchain Seattle Chris Jones told CryptoSlate:

“Our conference objectives are eduction, the space is still quite nascent, second it’s around networking and creating a platform for networking, and third, we want to establish a platform for people and projects with ties to this region and heighten their awareness profile.”

Chris Jones
Chris Jones is the President of Dragonscale and the Co-Founder of Blockchain Seattle

Home to over 30 blockchain-related companies, Seattle has become a hub for decentralized innovation and is a fitting setting for bringing together the most exciting projects in the industry for education, collaboration, and collective growth.

Blockchain Seattle is a community leader, connecting newcomers and experts alike in the common interest of advancing all things blockchain.

In a unique approach to networking, Blockchain Seattle 2018 will give attendees access to a conference application provided by IoT platform Sirqul:

“The other attendees will be leveraging our conference application which will be provided by Sirqul, a local IoT company here in Seattle, in order to create networking opportunities so people can understand what other attendees are there that have similar interests.”

Join a consortium of exciting projects and professionals, such as Dragonchain, New Alchemy, Bloq, Bittrex and Perkin Coie in divulging the future of decentralized technology.

Blockchain Seattle 2018 will take place on September 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bellevue, WA. For more information on the conference and how to attend, visit their website here:

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