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Bitcoin ETF will Increase Demand and Price of BTC, Interview with Finance Researcher Stephen McKeon

CryptoSlate conducted an interview with Stephen McKeon, chief strategy advisor to Security Token Academy and associate professor at the University of Oregon. McKeon anticipates that a Bitcoin ETF will give institutional investors greater access to the asset, increasing the...

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Why Switzerland’s Biggest Retailer Accepting Bitcoin is Crucial For Adoption

Digitec Galaxus AG, Switzerland’s biggest online retailer with nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue, has integrated various crypto assets including bitcoin as a payment option. The announcement, which was first reported by Watson, a major Swiss publication, was...

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Ethereum Leads in Active Developers, Bitcoin’s Developer Count Healthy, Litecoin and Dogecoin “Being Abandoned”

Ethereum is strongly leading in the total number of active developers working on both its core protocol and in total development; Bitcoin boasts a strong developer ecosystem 10 years after launch, while Litecoin and Dogecoin are “being abandoned,” according...

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Founder of Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Mark Karpeles Sentenced to Over Two Years

Mark Karpeles, the founder of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, was found guilty of tampering with records and given a suspended prison sentence of two years and six months. The High Court ruling comes five years after a massive security...

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