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Binance Announces New XRP Trading Pairs and Quote Currency

Binance Announces New XRP Trading Pairs and Quote Currency

Binance is adding new XRP trading pairs for the holidays, including TRX/XRP and XZV/XRP. Furthermore, the ETH Trading Market will be renamed to the ALTS Trading Market, allowing for the possibility of more trading pairs with different quote currencies in the future.

Ripple has had a strong month of partnerships and has effectively weathered the crypto bear market. Today, XRP secures a small win as it becomes more accepted as a base trading pair.

In a tweet on Dec. 23 from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), in addition to an official announcement on the Binance website, the company has added two new trading pairs coupled with XRP.

Not only that, Binance is renaming the ETH Trading Market (ETH) to the ALTS Trading Market (ALTS) to support more trading pairs with other quote currencies in the future.

The two new pairs include an XRP and TRON pair, as well as a XRP and Zcoin pair.

The move is meaningful because it represents more widespread acceptance of XRP, and provides a potentially more cost effective alternative to using Bitcoin or Ethereum as a base pair. The added XRP pairs should provide additional liquidity to TRON and Zcoin as well.

It seems that Ripple enthusiasts got to open a present early for Christmas Eve. Hopefully, there are even more presents waiting on Christmas day.

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