Solana unveils ChatGPT plugin that retrieves on-chain data Solana unveils ChatGPT plugin that retrieves on-chain data

Solana unveils ChatGPT plugin that retrieves on-chain data

The plugin can retrieve account data, information about NFTs, and more.

Solana unveils ChatGPT plugin that retrieves on-chain data

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Solana Labs has revealed a ChatGPT plugin that will allow chatbot users to interact with the Solana blockchain, as seen in a tweet on April 25.

Solana launches ChatGPT plugin

Solana Labs said that users will be able to use the plugin to check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase NFTs from within ChatGPT.

In one screenshot, a user asks for a list of NFTs owned by a particular Solana address. In a second sample image, a user asks for help sending a Solana transaction to another address, and in a third, a user asks for help purchasing an NFT. Each prompt returns the relevant instructions or information in natural language.

Technical details on GitHub also suggest that the plugin can retrieve data about account balances, assets held, transactions, signatures, NFT collections, and more.

Solana did not state when a plugin will be launched for general use but said that developers can create their own plugins using the project’s source code.

The project’s GitHub page also suggests that the tool can currently be installed as an unverified plugin by using the address

Other blockchain AI tools

News of Solana’s ChatGPT plugin arrives alongside various other AI services and initiatives related to cryptocurrency services and projects.

Binance launched a ChatGPT-powered “Sensei” chatbot on April 24, while Visa announced plans to hire an AI-focused blockchain developer that same day.

Crypto-integrated browsers are also adding AI features. Opera also announced an AI-integrated version today called Opera One. Brave, meanwhile, integrated an AI-powered “summarizer” tool into its search engine in early March.

Outside of the blockchain industry, individuals linked to Marvel Studios and Epic Games have spoken about the potential of AI in the entertainment industry.

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