WinnerBlock, the new golden nugget

WinnerBlock, the new golden nugget

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Have you ever had that little voice in your head? That adrenaline in your stomach that makes you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time? It is this excitement that causes. We will tell you more.

Innovation is a major issue in the online gaming market. WinnerBlock is well aware of this and offers the integration of its DApp directly into the metaverses. Knowing that the metaverse is the future of connectivity and sociability on the Internet, the bet can only be successful. offers online gaming on a cross-platform application. Whether on browser, tablet or smartphone, the application will be available anywhere and anytime.

What are we talking about?

The game system is simple and effective. We get WBlocks with which we can participate in different games by buying NFT WCards tickets which will be offered in three variants: Gold – Silver – Bronze. They will allow you to play and will also bring advantages and bonuses.

When it comes to gaming, it’s important to know that one of the top priorities of Winner Block is to provide players with maximum rewards. The jackpot amount represents the total sales of NFT WCards minted in the app.

The jackpot is distributed as follows: 70% to the winner, 10% to the charity, 10% to the team, and 10% to the holder. The jackpot distribution process is transparent and players can track their status in real time. Winner Block also intends to produce special edition WCards featuring brands and  famous personalities. NFTs will be rare and players will be able to hold and resell them on NFTs platforms.

The application will offer during its regular updates a multitude of games as fun as each other.

Transparency, the main value of Winner Block

Transparency and honesty are highly valued values ​​in the blockchain world. From the start of the project, the team implemented a policy of transparency in all areas. Something to reassure a good number of holders. All expenses and investments are detailed and argued so that holders follow and understand the strategy adopted.

Each member of the community has the opportunity to give their opinion and discuss with a team that makes itself available, which is very pleasant when you need more detailed information.

In addition, all wallets are available on their website so that we can see the progress of the presale in real time.

It’s not too late to make a great deal

Winner Block has already managed to raise +470 BNB during the presale mainly through their strong community. They started their marketing strategy a short time ago.

The presale is divided into three stages which increase the price of the WBlock gradually. They are already in the second stage and the presale ends on June 20, 2022.

During this pre-sale, a total of 30 million WBlock tokens will be offered. Participants will receive a Founders Edition NFT ticket that allows them to participate in the Founders Exclusif Draw and provides them with additional lifetime benefits.

The WBlock Token smart contract was created to make this token powerful and create countless possibilities in a decentralized world. WinnerBlock presale is a key factor to ensure the successful launch of WinnerBlock DApp. Attribution will be set to secure the value of the token after the public release is planned for a few weeks.

Contribution to a better world

10% of each jackpot will benefit charity. Indeed, for Winner Block, benefiting charities is very important. The community proposes the charities they wish to support and a vote is organized to distribute the donations. A first donation of $1000 USD has already been made.

Winner Block wishes to benefit its holders but also the causes that matter.

WBlocks presale ends June 20, 2022.  You still have time to be part of it.

The only address to access their website is: