ProBit Global Combines One Piece Fandom and Crypto With Zororium Token Pre-Sale

ProBit Global Combines One Piece Fandom and Crypto With Zororium Token Pre-Sale

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Vilnius, Lithuania โ€“ ProBit Global, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is excited to announce the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of Zororium Token, the highly anticipated cryptocurrency inspired by the legendary One Piece manga series. The Zororium Token IEO on ProBit Global marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the crypto project, providing an exclusive opportunity for investors and One Piece enthusiasts to become part of this innovative community.

Zororium Token (ZRT) is the native currency within the Zororium ecosystem, embodying the strength, talent, and innovation symbolized by the iconic One Piece character, Zoro. Inspired by the iconic manga series created by Oda Eiichirล, ZRT serves as a dynamic platform for creating and sharing value within the passionate One Piece Legend community.

Driven by blockchain technology and built on GPT-4 AI, Zororium ensures secure, transparent, and immutable transactions, empowering the One Piece Legend community to seamlessly use ZRT for various purposes, including purchasing goods and services, as well as trading and exchanging among fellow enthusiasts.

Zororium Token’s IEO on ProBit Global offers participants exclusive bonuses to reward their early support. Investors can enjoy a 10% bonus when purchasing ZRT with PROB, ProBit Global’s native token. Additionally, a 5% bonus awaits those using BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB to acquire ZRT during the IEO period.

Looking ahead to future developments, Zororium will complete its entire ecosystem in the fourth quarter of 2023, including the One Piece Legend e-commerce and trading platform, along with a highly anticipated Play-To-Earn Game and e-wallet application.

Zororium has lofty goals of making ZRT the hot trend of the year, bringing great value to early investors, and creating a new definition of Comic Coin. After conquering those frontiers, Zororium has its sights set on becoming the worldโ€™s first game-focused stablecoin.

“We are thrilled to bring the Zororium Token IEO to ProBit Global, providing a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and One Piece fans to join our vibrant community,” said Dang Thi Anh Thu, Marketing Director at Zororium Token. “This IEO not only represents an exciting investment opportunity but also a chance to be part of a cultural phenomenon that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the spirit of adventure.”

To participate in the ZRT IEO on ProBit Global and be part of the One Piece Legend community, visit the IEO page on the ProBit Global website here.

Secure your tokens at discounted pre-sale prices now and be part of the Zororium community.


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