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Paradox Group Unlocking New Markets for Blockchain Advertisers

Paradox Group Unlocking New Markets for Blockchain Advertisers

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The long crypto winter is proving to be a significant test for new and established businesses alike. But as the industry begins to wake up for the new year and plan its next steps, Paradox Group has unveiled a range of products and services with the intention of helping the industry get back on its feet and re-engage its audiences.

The award-winning advertising agency has a history of success with advertising for highly regulated industries, proving its past success with an already impressive list of clients. Under newly appointed CEO, Abu Ali, Paradox Group has unveiled a large-scale rebrand, with a new website, new partnerships, and a completely new package of solutions ready for businesses to utilise.ย 

The expanded services on offer come at just the right time, as the regulatory environment becomes even more challenging. Crypto and DeFi projects have always faced challenges getting their projects the much-needed outreach on mainstream platforms, but Paradox Group is seeking to innovate the way brands connect with their audiences.ย 

A notable addition to the companyโ€™s platform is the reveal of The Paradox Network.ย 

The Paradox Publisher Network is ideal for cryptocurrency advertising, offering brands and projects a quick and accessible solution to gain exposure. The network is constantly evolving and improving to achieve the highest number of impressions and the best click-through rates on the market.

Currently boasting over 2bn monthly impressions and an average click-through rate of 0.27%, the network is just one of the many unique services clients can expect. Some of the most well-known and respected publishers in the cryptocurrency industry are featured on the network, as well as traditional publishers and whitelist options.ย 

In addition to its impressive publishing network, Paradox Group is offering a range of additional options, becoming a one-stop marketing provider for its clients. From content and SEO to multi-platform advertising and influencer programs, clients can expect exclusive access to the best rates, positions and offers on the market.

The agency recently revealed it is working closely with Reddit, guaranteeing ad approval on the platform, and boosting the chances of success for brand campaigns. Entry to the platform can be challenging for blockchain and web3 projects, but the agency promises to deliver where others have failed. The exciting opportunity to gain premium access opens up the potential for large-scale outreach in hard-to-market regions, especially to American audiences.ย 

The company also unveiled new sponsorship programs, promoting impressive opportunities to get behind global events. The agency has gained impressive traction as it provides exclusive access to football clubs, stadiums, and even FIFA World Cup sponsorships.ย 

UFC, Formula 1, Football and eSports are proving to be innovative and successful trends among crypto projects, and Paradox Group seeks to connect its clients with the best positions on the market. From F1 driver sponsorships to large-scale influencer programs, clients are encouraged to get in touch to secure the best offerings.

In 2021 alone, crypto deals with sports leagues and teams grew by over 100%, according to sports analytics firm, Nielsen Sports. Expectations are high as the trend grows and blockchain, NFT and crypto projects become omnipresent across the sports industry.

The importance of having large-scale community backing for crypto projects is now widely accepted in the industry, and Paradox Group is ready with its dedicated team and extensive strategies.

The company boasts a scrupulous record with its publishers and industry partners, promising to deliver concise and accurate reports. The small, dedicated team are on-hand to monitor and improve every campaign.ย 

With a crackdown on regulation following the framework for the development of digital assets from the White House, the advertising agency is providing a transparent environment for its clients and consumers. Paradox Group takes a strong stance in ensuring advertising is done right. No false information is given to clients, with a client-comes-first model at all times.

The agency has also secured metaverse advertising solutions that are unavailable elsewhere on the market. Metaverse and NFT projects are growing in popularity, and Paradox Group is prepared with next-generation products and strategies to get its clients into the best positions.ย 

Whether brands are looking to enter or re-enter markets, Paradox Group combines its experience, insight and knowledge with a full suite of innovative products to provide some of the best marketing services that are available, connecting, growing and nurturing every client.ย 

Paradox Group is an award-winning advertising agency, focused on levelling-up businesses with its bespoke, next-gen marketing solutions. The agency thrives on pushing the boundaries of digital marketing to uncover exciting new opportunities to secure success.ย  Its dedicated team is ready to direct and launch record-breaking campaigns for its clients.ย 

If youโ€™d like to see where Paradox Group can take your business, book your free consultation using the link below:

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