D’CENT Hardware Wallet Enhances Polkadot and Ethereum Asset Management through Talisman Integration

D'CENT hardware wallet is fully integrated with Talisman wallet extension. Improved security and convenience for Polkadot, Ethereum, and EVM-compatible asset management

D’CENT Hardware Wallet Enhances Polkadot and Ethereum Asset Management through Talisman Integration

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IoTrust, a specialized Web3 wallet company, has announced on the 13th of October that their D’CENT biometric hardware wallet is now fully integrated with the Talisman wallet extension. This integration enhances the security and convenience for D’CENT wallet users when managing assets on the Polkadot and Ethereum networks.

Talisman is a Web3 wallet that opens up the world of cross-chain Web3 applications on both Ethereum and Polkadot. Users can create, own, and manage all their accounts in one place, as well as send, store, and receive assets. The Talisman wallet extension is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Firefox.

Users of D’CENT’s biometric hardware wallet can seamlessly connect to the Talisman extension, enabling them to efficiently manage, send, and receive Polkadot, Ethereum, and Ethereum EVM-compatible tokens. This integration also offers three essential user experiences:

  1. Staking Polkadot tokens and earn rewards by locking up your tokens.
  2. Connecting to DeFi platforms and earn rewards.
  3. Buy, sell, and trade NFT tokens and collect unique digital assets. NFTs represent unique digital assets that can signify ownership of various items, ranging from artwork to music to gaming collectibles.

D’CENT Wallet is a self-custodial service that empowers individuals to directly manage their keys, ensuring the secure storage of digital assets. Currently available in over 200 countries worldwide, D’CENT Wallet supports 57 mainnet assets and can manage over 3,000 different asset types. It holds the distinction of being the largest digital asset wallet in Korea in terms of asset storage capacity. Additionally, D’CENT Wallet has established partnerships with over 100 companies and blockchain projects, continuously expanding its reputation and scalability as a trusted wallet provider. Stay tuned for more updates as building the ecosystem in each blockchain network with extra security and seamless user experience is our top priority.  Please visit https://dcentwallet.com/ to find more information about D’CENT wallets.

D’CENT Wallet has expressed its commitment to enhancing the user experience by further integrating with blockchain mainnets and projects, including the recent integration with Talisman Wallet.

  • For inquiries, please contact IoTrust’s Soyoung Cho at 010-9610-3001 or [email protected].
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