Decentralized home sharing platform Dtravel is now live for bookings Decentralized home sharing platform Dtravel is now live for bookings

Decentralized home sharing platform Dtravel is now live for bookings

Guests can now book stays on the world's first sharing economy by the people for the people.

Decentralized home sharing platform Dtravel is now live for bookings

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Dtravel, a decentralized platform for the home-sharing economy facilitating short and long-term stays, today announced the launch of its home-sharing booking platform.

Starting today, guests can book short and long-term accommodations on Dtravel, which provides guests and hosts with lower costs and more control than incumbent home-sharing platforms.

Introduced earlier this year by former executives from Airbnb and Expedia, and with support from the worldโ€™s leading crypto-friendly online travel agency,, Dtravel aims to repair the broken relationship between hosts and guests created by existing centralized home-sharing platforms.

The platform is governed by its community via the Dtravel Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which gives community members a say in how the platform is governed.

โ€œToday marks an important point in the transition from Web 2.0 โ€” where platforms enabled the connectivity and demand and supply sides โ€” to Web 3.0, in which blockchain technology enables participants to own part of the platform and make decisions that directly affect them,โ€ said Cynthia Huang, Growth, Marketing, and Community Lead at Genesys Partners, the core team contributing to the initial development of the Dtravel platform.

How Dtravel works

The TRVL token powers the network and can be used for making payments, participating in governance, receiving travel rewards, benefits, and more. Hosts and guests who have TRVL are voting members of the Dtravel DAO, whose Community Treasury and Host Protection Pool receive all revenue from bookings made on the platform. For more information on the utility of TRVL, click here. For more information on the token economics of TRVL, click here.

Backed by a $5 million seed fundraising round, Dtravel today announced the first version of its platform is now open for bookings, payable with BTC, ETH, BUSD, or USDC. Support for fiat and additional cryptocurrencies will be enabled in future releases as the platform evolves.

Dtravel has secured over 200,000 listings and will be releasing listings in phases over the coming months as the platform expands to ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience for hosts and guests.

Dtravel provides hosts and guests with:

  • Reduced fees – hosts pay 0% fees and guests save on every booking
  • A community voice – the Dtravel DAO enables hosts and guests to directly influence the direction, operations, and governance of Dtravel
  • Expanded payment options – enables various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to be used for payments that lower the cost of transacting compared to traditional payment methods
  • Aligned interests – because the community directly influences the Dtravel platform for the benefit of all, everyone works together to grow the platform and is rewarded for their contributions
  • Peace of mind – Dtravelโ€™s Protection Pool offers hosts up to $1,000,000 USD in property protection
  • Additional revenue streams – users can earn additional revenue by referring hosts and guests, as well as by participating in user support, community forums, and troubleshooting

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Disclosure: CryptoSlate has made a financial investment in the DTravel platform.

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