Craig Wright may face class-action lawsuit for forgery and fraud Craig Wright may face class-action lawsuit for forgery and fraud
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Craig Wright may face class-action lawsuit for forgery and fraud

Craig Wright may face class-action lawsuit for forgery and fraud

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After losing the Kleiman case, Craig Wright could face another major lawsuit. British podcaster Peter McCormack said he was considering a class-action lawsuit against Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Jimmy Nguyen for falsely claiming that Wright is Satoshi and that Bitcoin SV is “Satoshi’s vision.”

No end in sight for Craig Wright’s legal woes

After Craig Wright’s year-long battle with the estate of his former partner, Dave Kleiman, came to an end earlier this week, many industry heavyweights doubled down on the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. The judge’s ruling on the case was partially based on the fact that Wright lied, falsified documents, and deliberately obstructed court proceedings, which was taken by many as a clear sign that the court didn’t believe Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto.

While the entire industry has seen this a clear win for justice, some decided to push even further and hold Wright and his associates accountable for falsely claiming he was the original creator of Bitcoin.

British podcaster Peter McCormack, who is currently embroiled in a libel lawsuit with Wright, proposed filing a class action against the Satoshi claimant. In an Aug. 28 tweet, McCormack said that a class-action lawsuit “would only be right” for falsely claiming that BSV is the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, when it was proven that Wright is not Satoshi.

The host of ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast said that he would be consulting with lawyers in the U.S. to determine the best way to deal with the matter, as well as those who have been “defrauded” by Wright and BSV.

Community divided on whether to double down on Wright

McCormack explained that the lawsuit would be filed against three individuals—Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Jimmy Nguyen. The three are “likely” guilty of misleading investors by lying about BSV’s origins and claiming Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto, he said.

Many members of the crypto community applauded McCormack’s idea and said they would back him and help the lawsuit get off the ground. Crypto researcher Seeking Satoshi suggested crowd-funding the lawsuit to speed up the process.

Others saw this as an opportunity to bring Wright down once and for all, saying there was plenty of evidence lying around that show Wright defrauded investors.

However, not everyone seemed to be on board with the class-action lawsuit. Many commented it would be a waste of time, giving Wright more media attention than he deserves.

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