ATOR Protocol

For Anonymity At Scale

ATOR Protocol Background

ATOR is at the forefront of pioneering a revolutionary approach to internet privacy by creating the world’s most extensive decentralized network. This groundbreaking initiative leverages a globally distributed set of relays, empowering participants to earn ATOR tokens by contributing their bandwidth, computing power, and services.

Positioned as the backbone of a superfast onion-routing network, ATOR introduces a marketplace of dedicated services, fostering an environment where privacy and autonomy are paramount.

The ATOR Network

The essence of ATOR’s innovation lies in its onion-routing privacy network, designed to champion openness and inclusivity. Distinctively, ATOR eliminates centralized control, instead providing a platform where non-malicious developers, relays, and participants engage freely.

This open network architecture ensures that mainstream web services can onboard anonymously, ranging from storage solutions to private directory authorities for online services, thus redefining the landscape of internet privacy.

The ATOR Protocol

Central to the ATOR ecosystem is the ATOR Protocol, a mechanism that rewards relays with ATOR tokens in real-time for their bandwidth contributions. This protocol is not just a system of rewards; it is the catalyst for scaling ATOR into a global DePIN (Decentralized Private Internet Network) network.

With an emphasis on education, hardware innovation, and strategic tokenomics, the protocol ensures a sustainable and expansive network, underpinning a marketplace of services seamlessly integrated within the network.

ATOR Relay Hardware

Innovation extends to the physical realm with the ATOR Relay Hardware, a low-powered device designed to democratize participation in the ATOR network. This device enables individuals, irrespective of their technical expertise, to contribute resources and in turn, receive ATOR tokens.

More than just a relay, it acts as a gateway to a decentralized VPN, offering end-to-end encryption and a novel way to access the web anonymously.

ATOR Services Interface

ATOR reimagines how services are delivered and accessed on the internet. The ATOR Network facilitates services to be built directly within the network, eliminating the need for traditional exit nodes. This integrated services interface allows for the decentralized hosting of streaming, messaging, and marketplace services, all easily locatable, distributed, and transacted through the innovative Arweave token protocol.

The ATOR Router is a testament to this vision, enabling seamless interaction with various services and crafting an enhanced anonymous internet experience.


ATOR is driven by the belief that internet autonomy is a fundamental right. In a world where unconsented data collection, censorship, and monetization have become the norm, ATOR stands as a beacon of hope. The mission is clear: to reclaim control from centralized entities and usher in a new era of internet usage.

By leveraging decentralized solutions for communication, computation, and browsing, ATOR is not just challenging the status quo; it is setting a new standard for internet privacy and freedom, accessible to all.

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