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Realital Metaverse Info

Realital Metaverse is a platform for operating a sustainable Play-to-Earn model and games to which it is applied. The P2E system is the heart of the metaverse, but for it to have real value, it must be persistent. To this end, we need to have a way to keep paying P2E rewards to players. That means someone has to keep putting in the capital. So, Realital Metaverse redistributes the revenue generated by the game to P2E players and RETA holders.​​ Through this, profits from increased consumption in the ecosystem are shared between the company, users, and RETA holders. RETA is the governance token of this system, and we call this ecosystem ‘Retaverse’.

Many P2E ecosystems to date have not truly considered token holders. To them, it was just an ‘immediate sale’. However, the vitality of the governance token greatly affects the sustainability of the P2E ecosystem.​

So, we studied governance tokens that can directly intervene in the P2E circulation structure. $RETA is the governance token of our ecosystem running on the BSC chain.​ In the world we have constructed, RETA holders gain the true value of ‘governance’ by directly sharing the benefits of the ecosystem cycle.​

What is Reta Wars?

Reta Wars is the first game in the Retaverse ecosystem. It is a Play-to-Earn game in which the winner of the daily battle against an enemy faction gets more rewards.

Players can choose one of the two factions, then use the NFT heroes they collect to earn money by digging for resources, or they can support their factions in the war for greater profits.

All war procedures are conducted through voting among faction members, and resource prices and profitability vary depending on the success or failure of the war. It’s like two DAO playing a war game to increase each other’s profitability.

Who Are the Founders of RETA?

ⓒRealital is a company established by Lee Jungpyo, a former Tencent full-stack developer, and a team of developers from Netmarble (Seven Knights 2) and Vespa (King’s Raid).

A smooth and organic P2E model – that is, a business structure that redistributes corporate profits to users was judged to be difficult to implement with the existing company’s BM view, so we established the company to start all over again in line with the paradigm.

We successfully completed the private sale last December and started development in earnest. Currently, we have an HQ in St. Vincent Grenadines and a Dev office in Seoul Korea and we are preparing for service.

Where Can I Buy Realital Metaverse(RETA)?

Realital Metaverse(RETA) tokens can be bought from a variety of exchanges that support BNB like Binance, PancakeSwap, Trust Wallet, and many other places. The BNB or BUSD can then be swapped to RETA tokens by using Pancakeswap.

Realital Metaverse Technical Info

Realital Metaverse Features

Governance Token: RETA ($RETA)

$RETA is the governance token of the ‘Reta War’ running on the BSC chain. In the future, the Reta universe will be expanded and will be used as a common currency when the Retaverse is completed. $RETA token holders can trade NFTs to enjoy the Reta Wars game, or hold them for investment purposes. Alternatively, you can stake the tokens to get a portion of the fees generated by the game.

$RETA Utility:

  • Used as currency and fees when trading NFT assets on the Marketplace.
  • Used as currency to purchase random NFT Heroes or NFT Islands.
  • By staking, you can get a portion of the fees generated in the game.
  • It is our governance token that aims to be listed on a centralized exchange in the future.

Community Token: Gold Rose ($GRT)

$GRT is the most commonly used P2E Currency in games. Like $RETA, it works on the BSC chain. It is designed to be acquired or consumed through most of the contents in the game except for trading.

$GRT Utility

  • Can be obtained through battle results in Reta War. Alternatively, you can also trade them on decentralized exchanges.
  • Required to level up a hero or craft weapons and skins.

Realital Metaverse Intel

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