Bullet stopping drones now mine on the Monero network

Bullet stopping drones now mine on the Monero network

Bullet stopping drones are now securing the Monero network? Astral AR and Core Scientific announced a partnership that puts mining software on high-power safety drones.

Astral AR, a Texas-based company specializing in safety drones, announced a partnership with Core Scientific—a blockchain infrastructure and AI firm helmed by former Microsoft COO Kevin Turner.

Called “Project Palladium,” Astral AR will use Core Scientific’s proprietary software, Minder and MinderOS, to monetize unused processing power on sophisticated safety drones to secure the Monero blockchain.

“Our mission is to ensure the EDNA public safety drone is available to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and schools nationwide to stop bullets and save lives,” said Leah La Salla, CEO of Astral AR.

Now, previously idle hardware can generate revenue in XMR. “hardware can pay for itself over a multi-year period which enables underfunded sectors to have access to emerging technologies,” said the release from Core Scientific.

“Not only does this allow law enforcement, fire rescue and government to benefit from blockchain technologies, but this solution helps self-fund hardware that is otherwise unobtainable due to barrier of entry,” continued La Salla.

Kristy-Leigh Minehan, CTO of Core Scientific added:

“This is a powerful example of the value proof-of-work blockchains can provide. With Project Palladium, we are not only providing a computing backbone to a technology that continues to drive advancements around cryptography, but also enabling lifesaving technology to be in the hands of the people who need it most.”

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