Asset manager: Activist investors may save Ethereum DeFi token Curve (CRV) as token price hits all-time lows Asset manager: Activist investors may save Ethereum DeFi token Curve (CRV) as token price hits all-time lows
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Asset manager: Activist investors may save Ethereum DeFi token Curve (CRV) as token price hits all-time lows

Curve is by far one of the most popular platforms used for stablecoin swaps, cross-chain interoperability, and synthetic assets.

Despite being a brilliant idea and widely used, the CRV governance token has been one of the worst-performing post-launch governance tokens seen by any major platform, with its price diving to fresh all-time lows today.

The relentless downturn that has pushed Curve’s price to fresh lows hasnโ€™t come about due to the weakness in the aggregated market, nor any fundamental flaw with the Curve platform itself.

Rather, the supply schedule and CRV inflation caused it to launch at an immensely overvalued price, with the value created by the Curve platform not exceeding the cost of its steep inflation parabola.

One fund manager is now noting that the strength underpinning the Curve platform could make CRV an ideal target for activist investors who want to change the economic flaws that have been forcing its price lower.

Curve token sees relentless downtrend; Hits fresh all-time lowsย 

Earlier today, the Curve token hit fresh all-time lows of $0.43, marking a massive descent from its post-listing highs of roughly $4.50.

This decline far exceeds that seen by most governance tokens and started while the aggregated DeFi space was still caught within the throes of an intense bull trend.

Andrew Kang โ€“ an investor at Mechanism Capital โ€“ explained that CRV is a great example of a digital asset that is both a great investment and not investable.

โ€œCRV is by far the most extreme juxtaposition of being both an amazing investment with huge addressable markets and not being investable at the same time.โ€

On the one hand, Curve as a platform has significant utility and a bright future, as the growing demand for synthetic assets and stablecoins will likely continue driving liquidity and usage to the platform.

Meanwhile, the token economics of CRV essentially makes its price guaranteed to continue declining until a governance proposal shifts its supply and inflation schedule.

Hereโ€™s why CRV may be an ideal investment for activist investorsย 

Kang later stated that the platformโ€™s potential utility down the road might make CRV an ideal investment for activist investors who can sway its governance in a way that shifts its token economics.

โ€œUnfortunately, the supply schedule & heavy inflation of CRV makes it a short biased asset (dumpamentals). The cost of inflation is greater than the value created for Curve. Fortunately, this makes Curve a great potential target for activist investors. Whose up for a change?โ€

Because the Curve platform does have wide utilization and holds much promise, activist investors who are vested in CRVโ€™s future could shift its immense downturn and improve its attractiveness as an investable asset.

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