26% of Australians will buy crypto as Christmas gift for partners 26% of Australians will buy crypto as Christmas gift for partners
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26% of Australians will buy crypto as Christmas gift for partners

Australians are willing to give their partners crypto gifts like Bitcoin, Ethereum and even NFTs.

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, a survey carried out by, a leading crypto wallet service provider, in October has revealed that Australians are willing to buy digital assets as Christmas presents for their loved ones.

A crypto-themed Christmas in the offing

The survey, featuring 2,020 Australians between the ages 18-59 revealed that 26% of them were considering a crypto-related gift as a Christmas present. 

The greater part, or 53% of those wanting to purchase crypto presents, said they would consider buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for their friends and family this Christmas.

Apart from a direct purchase of these crypto assets, some of those willing to purchase crypto-related presents also hinted that they could be willing to purchase crypto merchandise as gifts. Some of them revealed that they are already searching for crypto themed socks and hoodies that they can purchase as gifts.

Interestingly, a third of those surveyed said that they were thinking of gifting their partners with NFTs —a nod towards the growing popularity of the space. Other crypto-related gifts the respondents mentioned include coin vouchers and crypto books.

Speaking on the findings of the survey, Karl Mohan, the General Manager for Asia-Pacific at noted that more Aussies are now integrating crypto into their “day-to-day spending.” gets naming right of Staples Center

In another development, has signed a new partnership with AEG which would see it get the naming rights of the popular event center, Staples Center. The crypto firm paid around $700 million for a 20-year naming rights of the center.

According to available information, Staples Center would be renamed to Arena on December 25 with all internal signage of the center also being unveiled. External signage of the center would, however, not be replaced until June 2022.

The Staples Center is located in Los Angeles and has hosts a number of notable events and sporting teams like the Grammy Awards, the NHL’s LA Kings, NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, alongside a host of other live entertainment shows.