Why some strategists say Solana could reach $5,000 in 2030 Why some strategists say Solana could reach $5,000 in 2030

Why some strategists say Solana could reach $5,000 in 2030

A survey amongst analysts have shown that they believe that Solana could be an alternative to Ethereum and its value would cross $5000 within a decade

Why some strategists say Solana could reach $5,000 in 2030

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Finder, a product comparison website, has published a survey on what it thinks the value of Solana will be by 2025 and 2030. According to the survey, the value of the โ€œEthereum killerโ€ would rise to $1,100 and above $5000 respectively.

Solanaโ€™s Price in 2021

The survey, which had 50 crypto experts from fintech and the crypto world as panelists, asked what they think the value of the asset would be at the end of the year,ย  by 2025, and what its price would be within the next decade.ย 

One of the panelists, Joshua Fraser, the co-founder of Origin Protocol predicted that Solanaโ€™s price by the end of the year would be $250 and that the asset would eventually become a viable competitor and alternative to the second largest crypto asset by market cap, Ethereum.

In his words, โ€œSolana will be the most prominent alternative to Ethereum and Ethereum layer 2s in hosting DeFi. This is a huge market to be captured and SOL price may reflect this.โ€

Another panelist, Gavin Smith, the general partner at Panxora Crypto corroborated Fraser’s prediction that its value would end the year at $250.

Interestingly, Solana, within the last 24 hours has seen its price reach as high as the $250 prediction and there are indications that the value of the asset could surpass that amount before the end of the year.

Solanaโ€™s value in a decade

On what the price of the asset would be by 2025, Finderโ€™s panelists seem to agree that the value of the asset would have breached the $1k mark to be trading at $1,178 by then. They also believe that SOL can reach over $5,000 by the end of 2030.

However, the panelists stated that the recent DDoS attack suffered by Solana that took the network offline for a while could pose a challenge in the future.

Per the survey, 40% of the respondents believed that this could be an issue for the network in the future with Jonathon Miller, the managing director of Kraken Australia saying โ€œtrust in L1 blockchains is paramount and SOL does not have that degree of trust.โ€

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