University of Washington to Host Major Blockchain Event University of Washington to Host Major Blockchain Event
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University of Washington to Host Major Blockchain Event

University of Washington to Host Major Blockchain Event

Photo by Jacob Creswick on Unsplash

On Saturday, Oct. 13, the University of Washington (UW) will host its first-ever UW Blockchain Expo, hosted by the college’s Blockchain Society.

The conference offers a variety of incentives for people, and students, in particular, to attend the event. Even if you have no prior knowledge of blockchain, there will be plenty of resources on hand to help you get up to speed.

Speakers include blockchain strategists, CEOs of tech companies, and UW faculty. The event is geared toward education and participation, with topics like “Diversity in Blockchain,” “Reinventing Customer Loyalty,” and “Investment.” The expo will kick off with a “State of the Blockchain Union” segment and continue from there. There’s also a debate planned on whether or not Bitcoin is a fad.

The event will feature a number of well-known Seattle blockchain entrepreneurs including Stably CEO Kory Hoang.

There will also be several interactive workshops taught by professionals in the industry on both the technology and business sides of cryptocurrency. They’ll be taught by people working in the industry with experience ranging from CTOs to blockchain instructors to heads of operations.

UW Blockchain society President Zach Nelson explained that the other conferences on blockchain technology in the Seattle area seemed a bit too pricey. He wanted to be able to offer an alternative for those looking to become more involved in blockchain technology, whether that’s through programming or investing in cryptocurrency. UW students can attend the expo for only $5.

“We wanted to create our own expo that would encompass everything we love about blockchain in one event,” said Nelson. “We can provide a really high-value even at an affordable price because we’re students, and we’re passionate about this.”

The expo will be UW Blockchain Society’s first big event, hosted in UW’s Cane Hall, and will be attended by students from around the country, some coming in from UC Berkeley, Harvard, and MIT. Companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile will also be in attendance.

Nelson co-founded the Blockchain Society earlier this year, and it has since expanded to all three UW campuses in the Seattle area. He also works as a marketing and communications specialist for digital asset company LoyalCoin.

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