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How LifeID Will Introduce Self-Sovereign Identity to the Globe [INTERVIEW]

Since the internet’s inception, users have given away personal information to websites without realizing that it could be kept in centralized storage and monetized without their consent. Democratizing Identity Layer Solutions Seattle-based LifeID is aiming to disrupt online identity...

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Google Launches Plugin to Make Ethereum Blockchain Analysis an Accessible Venture

Despite its reluctance toward crypto finance and ICO advertisements, Google is not shying away from the technical prowess of blockchain networks. The search giant recently announced its new database tool, which helps explore the Ethereum blockchain. Google Steps into...

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VeChain Partners with Chinese Insurance Firm to Create ‘Collaborative Ecosystem’ Using Thor Blockchain

China’s largest insurance conglomerate by total assets handled, the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), has partnered with VeChain, blockchain-based information tracking and governance systems company, with the goal of digitally transforming the insurance industry, according to a press release....

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WorkCoin Aims to Disrupt Global Job Market Through Decentralized Freelancer Network [INTERVIEW]

Taking advantage of blockchain solutions, WorkCoin is a decentralized freelancer marketplace that aims to be fully transparent and frictionless. Fred Krueger, CEO and founder, shared his outlook on the global impact of WorkCoin and the shifting cryptocurrency landscape. This...

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IOTA and Volkswagen Will Launch Blockchain-Enabled Cars in 2019

IoT-driven blockchain platform IOTA announced the upcoming release of real-world integration with vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen. The Digital CarPass, set to be released in 2019, will see performance data tracked via IOTA blockchain technology to ensure vehicle data collection is reliable...

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