What is Temporal?

Temporal is a scalable IPFS Infrastructure to build production-ready applications on top of IPFS quickly with modern tools and languages such as Golang and JavaScript with free starter package featuring turnkey APIs, toolkits and storage. Fully Automated – Install it and go.

Temporal DApp Information

  • Release 2018
  • Software License MIT
  • Token ERC-20
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Temporal Support

Temporal Features & Tech Specs

  • IPFS uploads & pinning
  • IPFS search engine
  • IPNS publishing
  • IPFS key management
  • PubSub messaging
  • IPFS private network management
  • IPFS HTTP API reverse proxy
  • Enterprise IPFS nodes and folder uploads
  • Golang and JavaScript SDK
  • Open source

gRPC API is compatible in a wide variety of languages, including Golang, Python, JavaScript, Java, and more.

Temporal currently maintains two public-facing IPFS gateways: Clearnet and I2P for added privacy.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Temporal Team

Alexandre Trottier
Alexandre Trottier


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