XT.com Lists Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) With USDT Trading Pair

XT.com Lists Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) With USDT Trading Pair

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The XTAL token has been listed on XT.com and the users can access the XTAL/USDT trading pair on the Main Zone (Metaverse). The XT users will soon have an additional investment option with the addition of this new trading pair. 

Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) token is the fundamental currency of the XTAL ecosystem. Tales of Xtalnia, a multiplayer strategy game with rouge-like mechanics, is a free-to-play and play-to-earn blockchain ecosystem game. Its IDO sold out in under 6 minutes on June 21st, 2022. Not all blockchain games strike the necessary balance between a compelling gameplay and the play-to-earn features found in blockchain games. Using an innovative weapon system, multiple game modes, character customizability, party customization, a NFT marketplace and a dual token economy, there is more than meets the eye in Tales of Xtalnia. 

As the listing of XTAL goes live, users will be able to trade XTAL/USDT at any time to enjoy a cutting-edge experience on XT.com. The XTAL Token listing is also important for the platform’s ongoing token listing expansion in 2022, and beyond.

Unlike other party-based rouge-like blockchain games where players are restrained from choosing one character to play with, Tales of Xtalnia provides players with the option to form their own party of three. The larger party size allows players to utilize more NFTs in the game, promoting a healthy demand for the game’s NFT marketplace and tokenomics. 

The game’s governance token, XTAL, can be used for staking purposes for players who would like to invest in the game, and has a defined token supply and a well-managed vesting schedule to ensure the stability of the token price. 

Most blockchain-based online games focus on either PVE or PVP for their core gameplay, but not both. Tales of Xtalnia seeks to offer both gameplay modes, addressing a wider range of players that may be attracted to one game mode over the other. The play-to-earn games are applicable to both PVE and PVP game modes, which aren’t common in blockchain games.

As XT.com sets the grounds for the XTAL listing, traders and crypto enthusiasts around the world are highly encouraged to seize this new opportunity to grow their trading potential and push the token’s mainstream adoption. XT.com is always dedicated to providing users with the safest, most efficient and professional digital asset. Meanwhile, XT.com continues to open its doors to companies for new coin listings.

Mo Mukarram, the Head of Marketing at XT.com stated, “We are all set to add XTAL trading support on our platform. XT.com is here to stay and it never stops listing promising tokens. We encourage everyone to take advantage to trade and transact effortlessly with XTAL/USDT. Users can buy in-game items, stake, swap, and make purchases using the XTAL token.”

About XTAL

Tales of Xtalnia is a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game. Special crystal token a.k.a. “XTAL” is the main token of the game. It is hard to earn in-game and only occasionally given through special events. XTAL is needed for crafting a weapon, and the token will be rarely distributed in the first edition of the game. Players can earn XTAL only from PVP seasonal reward which will specifically be given to the top finishers (not more than 1,000 players). Higher rank players will receive more XTAL than lower rank players respectively. In the future, XTAL can be awarded from more occasions such as guild war or world boss.

Website: https://talesofxtalnia.com

About XT.com

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