Bears vs Bulls: Crypto media pros share their crypto market predictions Bears vs Bulls: Crypto media pros share their crypto market predictions

Bears vs Bulls: Crypto media pros share their crypto market predictions

Veterans of the crypto media space gathered at the Coin Bureau conference in London to debate bull and bear scenarios for the crypto market.

Bears vs Bulls: Crypto media pros share their crypto market predictions

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The first live CryptonitesTV episode gathered a panel of crypto media professionals to debate the current conditions in the industry and offer predictions for the future of the crypto market.

Filmed on May 6th at the Coin Bureau conference in London, the panel was hosted by Cryptonites’ Alex Fazel and hosted guests Maren Altman, That Martini Guy, Nate Whitehill from CryptoSlate, Digital Asset News’s Rob Wolff, and Crypto Savings Expert Jordan.

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Short term bearish predictions dominate the panel

While the panelists all presented their unique views as to what they expect from the market, there was one point they all agreed onโ€”that the market is looking at a short-term bearish trend.

Rob Wolff, the creator of Digital Asset News, believes that there was nothing to push the market towards a bullish trend with the current supply chain crisis and impending inflation. He sees the possibility of the war in Ukraine escalating as a significantly bearish indicator, with even rumors of escalation enough to push the market deep into the red.

Crypto YouTuber That Martini Guy agreed with this sentiment, saying that we had another six months before more global certainty was established so that the foundation for a bullish trend could be laid down.

Maren Altman, a TikTok and YouTube personality who uses astrology to analyze the crypto market, sees the industry entering a short or medium-term bearish trend. She believes that the retail market is the biggest driver of bull trends and that the current geopolitical uncertainty has shifted priorities away from investing and towards more existential worries.

Zooming out paints a much more bullish picture

However, despite the short-term pessimism they share, all of the panelists are incredibly bullish about the future.

Crypto Saving Expert’s Justin said that while he wasn’t excited about the short-term, the more he zoomed out, the more bullish Bitcoin looked.

Nate Whitehill, the CEO of CryptoSlate, stands by his long-term view that cryptocurrencies will replace the TradFi system. In the past year or so, we’ve seen major banks begin offering Bitcoin to their clients, which he believes is a major bullish catalyzer for the future.

Wolff noted that we’d see a full-blown bull market once more countries get involved with cryptocurrencies on a high-stakes level. This is in line with Whitehill’s prediction that the biggest bullish indicator we could see would be to have another significant player like Michael Saylor or El Salvador enter the market.

On the other hand, That Martini Guy believes that making crypto products like a wallet accessible on Apple devices would bring more people to the industry and trigger a bullish trend.

That isn’t to say that they wouldn’t change their bullish outlook.

Whitehill said that an event like MicroStrategy getting margin called wouldn’t change his long-term outlook on the industry. In contrast, Altman noted that Bitcoin dropping below its last cycle top would undoubtedly be an alarming event.

Nonetheless, all panelists agreed that despite everything crypto faces and everything it might be up against in the future, this was the time to be in the market.

Watch the CryptonitesTV panel to see other thoughts they had on the future of the crypto industry.