Pierre Poilievre

Leader at Conservative Party of Canada

Pierre Poilievre Bio

Pierre Poilievre is a Canadian politician who is a member of Parliament for Carleton and candidate for Prime Minister of Canada. He has served as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the leader of the Official Opposition since 2022.

Poilievre received his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Calgary in 2008. After that, he took a job as an advisor to Stockwell Day, the leader of the Canadian Alliance.

Poilievre was initially elected to the House of Commons as a result of the federal election that took place in 2004. He represented the riding of Nepean—Carleton, which is located in the area around Ottawa. Later, he represented the newly constituted riding of Carleton. He held the position of Minister for Democratic Reform between the years 2013 and 2015.

Poilievre was the Minister for Employment and Social Development starting in 2015. From 2017 until 2022, Poilievre held the position of shadow minister for finance, after which he briefly held the position of shadow minister for jobs and industry. He participated in the election for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2022 and won on the first ballot of the election.

Pierre Poilievre News

Pierre Poilievre Current Work

  • Conservative Party of Canada Leader
  • Parliament of Canada Member of Parliament

Pierre Poilievre Education

  • University of Calgary, Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, 2008

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