Reflexer Labs

A decentralized finance project aimed at softening volatility

Reflexer Labs Background

Reflexer Labs is a new decentralized finance project aimed at softening volatility.

We are the creators of RAI: a dampened version of ETH meant to be used as collateral in other DeFi protocols.

We are decentralized money fanatics on a mission to create a stable and secure foundation for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. With Reflexer, we plan to introduce control theory in smart contracts for the first time and create an entirely new asset type called a “reflex bond”. Our objective for RAI, our first reflex bond, is to be a widely used, stable collateral type for other DeFi projects, including crypto-dollars. By imbuing RAI with autonomy and minimizing governance, we aspire to build a financial system that outlives us—a money god.

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