$0.02165 +7.57%
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Rank 68
Market Cap $1,841,973,744
24H Volume $2,200,798
Circulating Supply 85,061,485,690
Total Supply 85,061,485,690
Announced Aug 4, 2017
1H +0.28%
24H +7.57%
7D -22.49%

What is Revain?

Revain is blockchain-based review platform for crypto community. REV is Revain’s main token which was issued in September 2017.

Revain consists of 7 main sections: projects, exchanges, wallets, games, casinos, mining pools and cards. In each section every company is ranked based on their user rating and number of reviews.

Revain’s ultimate goal is to provide high-quality and authentic user feedback on all global products and services using new emerging technologies like blockchain and machine learning.

Revain Technical Details

Consensus Not mineable

Revain Features

Artificial Intelligence

  • Revain’s AI scans all content, filters out low-quality reviews and makes high-quality ones eligible for rewards. It evaluates based on a large number of parameters and gives an assessment of the written text.


  • Blockchain technology ensures that all reviews will be saved forever and canโ€™t be changed or deleted by anyone. Any user has the opportunity to view the list of transactions in blockchain and verify them.

Reward system

  • Revain allows companies to reward authors for their high-quality feedback with our second token RVN. RVN is a stable token that is not a subject to volatility and exist only inside Revain platform.


  • Expert is a special status on Revain which will give it members a lot of benefits: such us featuring on the experts rating table, ability to earn more tokens than regular authors and extra product functionality.

REV Network & Signals

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Revain Team

Rinat Arslanov
Rinat Arslanov


Grigor Aproyan
Grigor Aproyan


Alexey Belashenko
Alexey Belashenko


Andrew Timokhin
Andrew Timokhin


Vlad Bocharov
Vlad Bocharov


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