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Rank 83
Market Cap $1,103,388,139
24H Volume $4,182,914
Circulating Supply 85,061,485,690
Total Supply 85,061,485,690
Announced Aug 4, 2017
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24H +0.47%
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What is Revain?

Revain is blockchain-based review platform for crypto community. REV is Revain’s main token which was issued in September 2017.

Revain consists of 7 main sections: projects, exchanges, wallets, games, casinos, mining pools and cards. In each section every company is ranked based on their user rating and number of reviews.

Revain’s ultimate goal is to provide high-quality and authentic user feedback on all global products and services using new emerging technologies like blockchain and machine learning.

Revain Technical Details

Consensus Not mineable

Revain Features

Artificial Intelligence

  • Revain’s AI scans all content, filters out low-quality reviews and makes high-quality ones eligible for rewards. It evaluates based on a large number of parameters and gives an assessment of the written text.


  • Blockchain technology ensures that all reviews will be saved forever and can’t be changed or deleted by anyone. Any user has the opportunity to view the list of transactions in blockchain and verify them.

Reward system

  • Revain allows companies to reward authors for their high-quality feedback with our second token RVN. RVN is a stable token that is not a subject to volatility and exist only inside Revain platform.


  • Expert is a special status on Revain which will give it members a lot of benefits: such us featuring on the experts rating table, ability to earn more tokens than regular authors and extra product functionality.

REV Network & Signals

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Revain Team

Rinat Arslanov
Rinat Arslanov


Grigor Aproyan
Grigor Aproyan


Alexey Belashenko
Alexey Belashenko


Andrew Timokhin
Andrew Timokhin


Vlad Bocharov
Vlad Bocharov


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