Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth. The different organisations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers can request permission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and record transactions on the distributed ledger.

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Medicalchain Details

Market Cap $1,376,468
Reported Volume 24H

Reported Volume calculates volume from all exchanges with market pairs, but due to factors such as wash trading, it is considered an unreliable metric.

Trusted Volume 24H

Trusted Volume calculates volume only from reputable crypto exchanges without fake volumes, all of which are considered to list accurate trading volumes.

Circulating Supply 308,656,962 MTN
Total Supply 500,000,000 MTN
NVT Ratio

The Network Value to Transactions (NVT) ratio calculates the dollar value of crypto transaction activity relative to the network value.

Team Location London, U.K.
First Announced August 23, 2017

Medicalchain Technical Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)

Pre-ICO Details

Status | Pre-Sale Ended
Pre-ICO Start Date Sep 15, 2017
Pre-ICO End Date Oct 15, 2017
Pre-ICO Hard Cap $630,000
Investor Supply 6,300,000 MTN
Pre-ICO Conversion

1 MTN= 0.10 USD

Pre-ICO Bonus


Project Details

Status | Crowdsale Ended
ICO Start Date Feb 1, 2018
ICO End Date Feb 1, 2018
Total Raised $24,000,000 USD
Hard Cap $24,000,000 USD
Total Supply 500,000,000 MTN
Investor Supply 175,000,000 MTN
ICO Conversion

1 MTN = $0.25 USD

Supply Distribution

31% Community Development
35% Crowdsale
34% Retained by the Company