What is LaborCrypto?

LaborCrypto is a freelancing platform backed by blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic ecosystem. The protocol design uses a smart contract-based escrow mechanism, creating a platform that's fair to both clients and freelancers.

LaborCrypto Technical Details


LaborCrypto Team

  • Reg. Name LaborCrypto LLC
  • Reg. Location Cayman Islands
  • Team 5-10 Employees
Tarik Khribech
Tarik Khribech

President / CEO

Adam Cisek
Adam Cisek

VP of Operations

Tim Mayeur
Tim Mayeur

Growth & Public Relation


Lead full stack web developer

Meryem Khribec
Meryem Khribec

Director global procurement

Radhika R
Radhika R

Senior Quality Analyst

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ICO Details

ICO Start Date TBD
ICO End Date TBD
Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 22,000,000 USD
Contribution Size Min: 0.01 ETH
Total Supply 100,000,000,000 LBR
Investor Supply 60,000,000,000 LBR
ICO Conversion

1 LBR = 0.0005 USD

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