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KMNO Price
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KMNO Market Stats

  • Price $0.03029
  • 1H Change +0.27%
  • 24H Change +5.17%
  • 7 Day Change -9.19%

Kamino Finance Info

Kamino provides a range of products that integrate various DeFi fundamentals to drive advanced strategies, all packaged within a user-friendly interface.

Within Kamino’s offerings are two key components: Automated Liquidity Vaults and Kamino Lend.

The Automated Liquidity Vaults were the inaugural product from Kamino, introduced in August 2022, and have since become the premier LP mechanism on the Solana network. These vaults generate kTokens for users who deposit funds, which are fungible LP tokens that accrue yield.

Kamino Lend drives automated solutions such as Multiply and Long/Short, and can function independently as a lending and borrowing platform. K-Lend boasts a robust feature set that enhances capital efficiency, alongside a sophisticated risk management system designed to safeguard the interests of both borrowers and lenders.

KMNO Utility


Kamino token (KMNO) holders will have the ability to stake their KMNO directly on the Kamino platform. This staking functionality can provide users with staking boosts, which will enhance their current earnings and rewards.


If Kamino implements protocol governance in the future, the KMNO token could serve as the primary means for users to participate in specific decision-making processes. This could include voting on user reward programs, protocol upgrades, parameter adjustments, and other key protocol-level decisions.

Kamino Finance Technical Info

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