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JKL Market Stats

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Jackal Protocol Info

The Jackal Protocol is a decentralized data storage platform and Cosmos application-specific blockchain, designed to provide secure, efficient, and robust data storage solutions. It operates on a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, ensuring scalability and stable operation, and employs the inter-blockchain communication protocol for enhanced interoperability.

JKL Token: The Fuel of the Jackal Protocol

JKL is the native utility token of the Jackal Protocol, used for various purposes within the network:

  • Transaction Fees (Gas): Users pay transaction fees in JKL tokens for processing transactions on the network.
  • Data Storage Access: JKL tokens are used to access data storage space on the network.
  • Network Security: JKL tokens can be delegated to validators to secure the network and earn JKL rewards, a process known as staking or staked tokens.
  • Governance: Staked tokens grant on-chain governance participation within the Jackal Protocol, allowing users to vote on text, software, spend, and other governance proposals.
  • Incentives: JKL tokens are used to incentivize various network participants, including storage providers who earn tokens for offering their storage space and validators who earn tokens for maintaining network security.

JKL Token Circulation

The Jackal Protocol launched its mainnet on October 27, 2022, with 100 Million JKL tokens created at genesis. Additional tokens are issued each year to support the network as block rewards, with 40% going to token stakers and 60% to storage providers.

Key Features of the Jackal Protocol

  • Decentralized Data Storage: Data is distributed across multiple nodes in the network, reducing the risk of a single point of failure and ensuring data integrity and availability.
  • Advanced Cryptographic Techniques: The protocol incorporates advanced cryptographic methods and end-to-end encryption to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of stored data.

The Jackal Protocol offers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for data storage, making it a valuable tool in today’s digital age, where data security and privacy are paramount.

Jackal Protocol Technical Info

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Jackal Protocol Intel

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