Coinbase CEO says crypto will heal, take 15% of global GDP  Coinbase CEO says crypto will heal, take 15% of global GDP 

Coinbase CEO says crypto will heal, take 15% of global GDP 

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong showed an optimistic approach to the current market downtrend and said that crypto could grow to take 15% of the global GDP in 20 years.

Coinbase CEO says crypto will heal, take 15% of global GDP 

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Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong dismissed the current pessimistic approaches to the market and said crypto would take 15% of global GDP in 20 years. 

Speaking at Coinbase’s Q1 earnings call, Armstrong said:

“In my mind, this  [crypto] is a little bit like the early days of the Internet, where you saw the birth of e-commerce in the late ’90s or early 2000s, and now fast forward 20 years, e-commerce, I think, is something like 15% of global GDP.”

He continued:

“And I think if you fast forward 20 years from here, the crypto economy is going to represent probably a large portion like that, 15% of global GDP.”

He also noted that most companies would end up using crypto in some way in the future, just like they had to adopt the internet. 

Coinbase in bear market conditions

In the last seven days, the total market cap lost more than 33% of its volume, equalling $570 billion. Some say the bear market is officially here. Especially after the LUNA crisis, the overall market sentiment took a sharp negative turn.

Coinbase’s Q1 earnings report also displayed a drop in numbers. The numbers showed a 53% net revenue down from the previous quarter, which indicated a net loss of $430 million. Moreover, the report included bankruptcy wording which set off red flags in the community.

Nevertheless, during his speech at the Q1 earnings call, Armstrong said 

“So ironically, I’m actually — I’ve never been more bullish on where we are as a company. And I think it’s really important to separate our performance, how are we executing towards our goals versus how is the broader market doing.”

He further elaborated:

“As the industry matures over time, we’re going to be a very profitable company and more consistently profitable. But for now, regardless of whether the market is up or down, we’re going to keep building.”

Crypto’s survival

According to’s CEO Kris Marszalek, despite the heavy conditions, the industry will triumph. 

While accepting that 95% of projects will wither, Terra co-founder Do Kwon also agrees that the market will get back on its feet. 

In other words, Armstrong is not the only one who holds on to their optimism. Regardless of today’s conditions, Armstrong could be right with his predictions for 20 years into the future.

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