Circle integrates Web3 platform into Singapore ‘Super App’ Grab Circle integrates Web3 platform into Singapore ‘Super App’ Grab

Circle integrates Web3 platform into Singapore ‘Super App’ Grab

Grab's Super App propels Singapore into blockchain era with Circle's Web3 integration.

Circle integrates Web3 platform into Singapore ‘Super App’ Grab

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In a significant move towards realizing the potential of digital asset innovation, Circle is set to pilot Web3 customer experiences in Singapore through a strategic partnership with Grab, Southeast Asia’s super app for transport, deliveries, payments, and more.

Circle’s latest offering, a new Web 3 Services platform, is slated for integration in the Grab app in the latest bid to enhance user experiences with blockchain-enabled solutions.

The partnership augments Grab’s vast array of services — including ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, ticket bookings, and insurance — and catapults the Singapore-based firm further into the blockchain universe. The ‘Grab Web3 Wallet,’ accessible to Singapore users, facilitates the setup of a blockchain-enabled wallet, allowing users to earn rewards collectibles and use non-fungible token (NFT) vouchers.

According to Circle, the Grab Web3 Wallet will initially support the SG Pitstop Pack NFT vouchers for use at popular Singapore-based stores and adventures during the upcoming F1 Singapore Grand Prix. Circle’s co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire, expressed the company’s commitment to partner with “global-scale consumer internet brands to bring everyday utility to users,” indicating that the pilot with Grab’s customer base aligns with this mission.

This partnership also supports the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Orchid initiative, serving as a real-world demonstration of Purpose Bound Money. Circle’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy, Dante Disparte, emphasized the company’s excitement to accelerate blockchain-powered innovation in partnership with Grab and support Singapore’s vision to be a leading global hub for responsible digital asset innovation.

Circle’s Web3 Services aim to empower existing Web 2.0 internet companies and burgeoning Web3 startups to leverage the potency of stablecoins, digital assets, and smart contracts within consumer and enterprise applications. Circle has been steadily establishing its presence in Singapore, acquiring a Major Payment Institution License from the MAS in June 2023 and opening its official office in May of the same year.

In Feb. 2023, Circle collaborated with Tribe, Singapore’s first government-supported blockchain ecosystem builder, to launch a unique training and support program to nurture and upskill the region’s Web3 developer talent pool—this venture with Grab further bolsters Circle’s commitment to advancing blockchain innovation in the area.

The partnership is the intersection of two major players in their respective industries — Grab, used by over 25 million users monthly, and Circle, a global pioneer in digital asset innovation. As these two forerunners collaborate, the fusion of their strengths hints at significant potential for expanding Web3 adoption and pioneering innovative blockchain applications in Southeast Asia.

Grab App superapp.

Grab started in 2012 in Malaysia as a ride-hailing app, competing with Uber in the region. It has since expanded to offer many other services.

Based in Singapore, it has operations in 8 countries across SEA. It is the region’s largest ride-hailing and food-delivery app. However, it has evolved into a ‘super app,’ including payment services (GrabPay), package delivery, ticket bookings, insurance, etc.

The app is used by over 25 million users in the region every month. In Singapore, it is the most popular app for ride-hailing and food deliveries.

Grab has raised billions in investment and is currently valued at around $14 billion, making it one of SEA’s most prominent startups.

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