Twitter Says Bye-Bye to @Bitcoin Twitter Says Bye-Bye to @Bitcoin
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Twitter Says Bye-Bye to @Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s rogue Twitter account @Bitcoin has been once again banned, re-igniting the relentless BTC/BCH debate.

Twitter Says Bye-Bye to @Bitcoin

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Bitcoin’s rogue Twitter account @Bitcoin has been once again banned, re-igniting the relentless BTC/BCH debate. As of Sunday, April the 8th, the infamously free-spirited Bitcoin handle @Bitcoin has been reprimanded by Twitter, the social media giant suspending its account indefinitely.

The account has long been renown for its pro-Bitcoin Cash stance, being blasted by Bitcoin advocates on numerous occasions for defaming its more popular predecessor.

A delighted Charlie Lee quickly trumpeted the news of the closure, along with some equally-enthused community members.

Twitter accounts may be suspended for suspicions of impersonation, spamming, or abuse; @Bitcoin is arguably guilty of all but the latter. While Twitter did not specify the reason for the ban, it comes following a string of complaints from the platform’s users- invariably for its covertly pro-Bitcoin Cash agenda.

The suspension highlights the remarkably strained relationship between Bitcoin (BTC) and its errant lovechild, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The two protocols have amassed cult-like followings, of which both appear to believe only one can survive in the race for scalability.

At the center of the controversy lies Roger Ver, a.k.a. ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, who’s pro-BCH stance is no secret in an increasingly divided competition. Once one of the most influential proponents of Bitcoin, Ver has steadily become a vocal critic of Bitcoin’s costly, slow transactions- instead of pointing to BCH as the superior cryptocurrency.

I’m sure that formula will continue to work for BCH into the future, and it will surpass BTC in usage, popularity, and market cap in the near future.- Roger Ver

Ver’s conspiratorial position is that the BTC core team have sabotaged the original blockchain by deliberately retarding the growth of block size- preventing the network from experiencing faster, more affordable transactions.

Naturally, Bitcoin advocates have met these mostly unsubstantiated claims with vitriol, accusing Ver of spreading anti-BTC propaganda for his financial gain; with the serial entrepreneur having a dubious relationship with both BTC and BCH.

Unsurprisingly, Ver quickly pitched in to lament the loss of the controversial account, heralding the loss of “free speech.”

While Ver lamented the account’s closure, a bulk of community members met the news with joy, going as far to suggest Ver himself was behind the outlawed @Bitcoin account.

A Twitter poll quickly surfaced shortly after Twitter’s decree, a pointed show of support for Bitcoin; poll results numbers are affirming the public’s favor towards the original P2P cryptocurrency.

In spite of all criticism, the integrity of the account has been supported by some. Pro-Bitcoin writer and developer David Shares stepped in to defend @Bitcoin, lashing out at both Twitter Support and “Core trolls” – ultimately backing the authenticity of the reprimanded account.

Embroiled in controversy, the suspension highlights not only the growing BTC/BCH divide but crucially the question of ulterior motives.

Hidden agendas are becoming a common occurrence in the responsive world of cryptocurrency, where a single tweet can shift an asset’s price profoundly – whether it be Charlie Lee toying with Litecoin, or McAfee patently pushing Verge.

Whether @Bitcoin is, in fact, a subverted attempt to de-throne Bitcoin or merely misunderstood, perhaps it marks a desperate plea for transparency in an increasingly opaque industry.

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