At least 54 apes were stolen in BAYC Instagram hack At least 54 apes were stolen in BAYC Instagram hack

At least 54 apes were stolen in BAYC Instagram hack

Bored Ape Yacht Clubโ€™s (BAYC) Instagram account was hacked, and at least $13M in NFTs were stolen.

At least 54 apes were stolen in BAYC Instagram hack

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Hackers got control of BAYCโ€™s Instagram account on April 25 and reportedly stole 24 Bored Apes and 30 Mutant Apes, valued at around $13.7 million.

Scammers created a post mentioning the upcoming BAYC metaverse launch, which was set forย  April 30. The post announced a land airdrop and requested users to connect their addresses.

Hackers transferred Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFTs in the connected wallets to a new wallet address. Roughly 54 apes were stolen, based on the opensea transfers

โ€˜News about the hack first surfaced on social media and Reddit, after which the official BAYC account confirmed it.

BAYC said its Instagram had been hacked and it will suspend minting for a day.

Earlier attacks on BAYC holders

BAYC community has become a frequent target for scammers in recent months.

On April 1, BAYCโ€™s Discord server was hacked. The hacker used April Fools to get attention and managed to post malicious minting links. The owner of MAYC #8662, Taiwanese pop superstar Jay Chou, fell prey to the attack and lost his NFT, valued at $550 thousand.

Four days later, on April 5, a pseudonymous ape holder lost three of his NFTs to a fake verification scam. They transferred their BAYC#1584, MAYC #13168, and MAYC#13169 to receive their verified versions of equal value. The attacker sent fake pictures and sold the authentic NFTs for 5% below their floor price. In December 2021, a bored ape NFT collector fell for a phishing scam and lost eight Bored Ape and seven Mutant Ape NFTs by clicking on a phishing contract disguised as a genuine NFT dApp. The lost apes were valued at roughly $2.2 million.

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