Are Dancers next to take the leap into the Metaverse? Are Dancers next to take the leap into the Metaverse?

Are Dancers next to take the leap into the Metaverse?

Dancing is one of many creative forms using NFTs to jump into the virtual world.

Are Dancers next to take the leap into the Metaverse?

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

The creative economy is arguably the most crucial component of the metaverse. Without artists, designers, musicians, poets, DJs, dancers and gamers, virtual worlds would be bleak and bland as they stand. Up until now, artists, musicians and the creatives of the world may have seemed low in the economic scale of top earners.

That was until along came Beeple and other prominent NFT creatives to charge through any notion of artists not being able to make an income from their work. NFTs and the metaverse, in particular, offers massive potential for the creative world to become the dominant creator of commercial value in society.

A dancers sense of space and a sense of place

The metaverse provides a space to escape from the reality of a world overtaken by the global pandemic. A world where arts of all kinds, including dancing, have taken a direct hit. The places where dancers often gathered have been closed off lately: Nightclubs, festivals, pubs, and clubs have seen their spaces tarnished by the virus.

They are no longer considered areas of relaxation, communal spaces to be enjoyed with strangers. Rather they have been cut off, suspended, and given a bad reputation as places where the virus can spread more rapidly. Donโ€™t fear, the metaverse is ready and waiting to be discovered by dancers.

Spending time in a Covid free virtual world that still holds tight to the artistic values of these industries is exactly the kind of support that is required for artists who have been left wondering where to go next.ย 

New commercial opportunities for dancers

Just recently world-famous ballerina Natalia Osipova, the principal dancer at The Royal Ballet in London, transformed three performance pieces, two from the classic ballet Giselle and one from the contemporary duet Left behind, into NFTs. The pieces were sold at Bonhams’ new auction, Encore! Modern Art on Stage.

Natalia’s position as one of the world’s greatest prima ballerinas and her bold approach to the performing arts mean she is best placed to launch this unprecedented initiative.

The sale of the NFTs marked the first time that collectors and ballet admirers could own a piece of performance art. Nataliaโ€™s hope for the NFTs is that they would broaden ballet’s appeal and reach.ย 

Virtual dance lessons

Speaking to a friend last week she asked if her Avatar would be able to dance better than she could in the real world. Well, why not? The avatars’ busting moves at the recent Decentraland metaverse festival certainly showcased unique footwork. The metaverse is a place to reimagine potential, reduce physical limitations and explore new versions of self.

When it comes to dancing, the avatar can decide to excel in whatever form of dance they wish. Who knows, maybe the virtual playgrounds will create new dance styles and offer some free virtual dance classes in the near future.

An important role for creators is the ability to showcase the virtual world to the masses. From gaming communities to break dancers, creatives have a natural community of supporters around them. Brands will need to tap into these communities as they are currently doing within the crypto ecosystem.

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