ZachXBT bids adieu to crypto community requests ZachXBT bids adieu to crypto community requests

ZachXBT bids adieu to crypto community requests

The on-chain detective said, having been overwhelmed with requests for help, he will be more selective going forward.

ZachXBT bids adieu to crypto community requests

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In a recent tweet, on-chain detective ZachXBT said he “sincerely meant” he was ending community requests for help with crypto scams, adding that he’s done more than his fair share in rooting out the actions of bad actors.

“It has been a nice ride the past 22+ months and I’ve been more than generous with my time. Some of you forget I am a volunteer.

The tweet linked an earlier post dated Feb. 20, in which he voiced growing tired of “people demanding” help and the “never-ending list of requests.”

Moving forward

Rather than shutting the door completely, ZachXBT mentioned being more selective with future cases. He prefers it when his investigative work yields “tangible results,” including forming the basis for legal claims.

With that, the on-chain detective reiterated his new approach and sought new ways to monetize his efforts better.

“All research I post moving forward will consist of things I actually find enjoyable and will likely be less frequent as I work towards creating a sustainable business model for myself.

ZachXBT said he developed his research techniques after falling victim himself. The work he does is unpaid. However, a donation address was recently set up.

The crypto community responds

The crypto community’s sentiment toward this was generally supportive. Many understood that tracing scammers can be arduous, time-consuming, and deserving of financial compensation.

Among the replies were various offers for full-time paid work and tips on monetizing his skills, such as through consultancy or working with law firms.

One commenter made a tongue-in-cheek post detailing what ZachXBT likely goes through on a frequent basis:

I clicked on a link and I lost my apes,@zachxbt I demand that you get them back for me. No, I will not pay you.”

The on-chain detective admitted that he sadly receives messages like this.

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