World Mobile team contains social media hack incident World Mobile team contains social media hack incident

World Mobile team contains social media hack incident

World Mobile social media channels were hacked leading to unauthorized, malicious posts.

World Mobile team contains social media hack incident

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World Mobile said Feb. 8 that its ecosystem was subject to “a cyber security incident” the day before.

The incident involved a contractor who had gained access to several social media channels. This resulted in unauthorized messages being posted, encouraging users to click a malicious link.

“This incident was quickly identified and is being investigated by our information security teams, who undertook rigorous action to ensure the integrity of our systems and reinforce existing measures to mitigate any potential impact of this incident.”

Initial investigations point to the incident being isolated to social media channels, mostly Twitter. The company said its telecoms systems and customer data were not affected.

No details on monetary losses were disclosed; however, “a very small number of users” were affected, said World Mobile.

World Mobile community reacts

The social media posts in question have since been scrubbed.

A Twitter user described the malicious post, saying, “ I was wondering why I got some random Metaverse partnership code…” Other comments mentioned appreciation for the quick response by the team and the transparent way it was handled.

Gianna Lum of the Convincing Cypto YouTube channel urged caution, saying although the incident has since been dealt with, users should still be on alert for suspicious messages and communications.

Lum said as projects establish themselves, they become increasingly targeted by scammers. She urged users to spread the word about what happened.

“as the project gets more successful, there’s going to be more people trying to take advantage of it; there’s going to be more scammers out there.”

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