Web3 has no resiliency says SwissBorg Co-Founder Web3 has no resiliency says SwissBorg Co-Founder

Web3 has no resiliency says SwissBorg Co-Founder

SwissBorg founders talk about why so many web3 companies flip and how they survived losing 99% of their token value.

Web3 has no resiliency says SwissBorg Co-Founder

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Speaking to the SwissBorg “Blockchain Brothers,” Alex Fazel and Cyrus Fazel, we explored what makes a web3 company work and how it differs from a traditional business. Cyrus claims that the most significant issue within web3 is a lack of resiliency from projects and teams:

“Everyone flips, it is easy to flip. I could do multiple ICOs and raise $50 million probably multiple times in my career. But why do you stick to it? So many companies, so many founders, I look into their eyes and I know they are going to flip in six months.”

The exclusive interview below goes into detail on what makes SwissBorg different from other companies and how the two brothers dealt with the native SwissBorg token (CHSB) losing 99% of its value in the early days. The resiliency, passion, and dedication are evident when talking to Alex and Cyrus.

Further, it’s refreshing to see a project valued at $1 billion focused on ensuring their employees are respected and that their product is offering real value to their customers. So many companies talk about building a family within their team, but when you speak to the brothers, you can tell that this is genuine.

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