The talks to watch out for at EthCC this week The talks to watch out for at EthCC this week

The talks to watch out for at EthCC this week

CryptoSlate has curated a list of talks promising to offer extraordinary value for those watching online

The talks to watch out for at EthCC this week

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As the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) for 2023 opens, it promises attendees a deep dive into the latest developments, trends, and thought leadership within the Ethereum ecosystem.

CryptoSlate has a curated set of talks guaranteed to pique the interest of Ethereum enthusiasts and crypto community members. A full list is available on the EthCC website.

SpeakerTalk TitleDescriptionTime
Stani KulechovScaling Web3 SocialExploring the scalability of Web3 social without compromising ownership, security, and decentralizationJuly 17, 09:55
Patrick HansenThe future of Euro stablecoinsInsights on the euro stablecoin market, the role of regulation in growth, and the shift from speculation to utility use of stablecoins.July 17, 11:45
Leo LiangChainStorage – Blockchain Data Availability & Agility LayerA deep-dive into the widely adopted blockchain storage system within CoinbaseJuly 18, 11:40
Thijs MaasThe performance of fiat on-ramps: global reportPresentation of unique insights into the fiat on-ramp market for layer 2s globallyJuly 18, 10:00
Cyrille PastourTurning 4y of data to 1000y: lessons from our AMM simulatorAn introduction to a simulator for testing various types of AMMs in thousands of market conditionsJuly 17, 09:25
Alice Henshaw & Sara ReynoldsLock Me Up and Call Me Baby: What’s Next for UniswapA Look into the Future of UniswapJuly 17, 12:45
Guangmian KungSelf-sovereign social recovery for ERC-4337Exploration of the most promising trustless and trust-minimized ERC-4337 compliant social recovery solutionsJuly 17, 10:05
Dominic WilliamsFully On-Chain: Internet ComputerPresentation on the future of blockchains hosting all web aspects and decentralizing everythingJuly 17, 14:00
Vitalik ButerinTBATBAJuly 18, 12:15

Stani Kulechov, from Aave and Lens, is billed to discuss “Scaling Web3 Social.” However, Kulechov revealed on Lens that he would announce and explore Lens V2 instead of his scheduled talk, which planned to explore how to scale Web3 social to support transaction volumes and speeds consumers are accustomed to without compromising security, ownership, and decentralization.

On the same day, Patrick Hansen from Circle will discuss the future of euro stablecoins. He plans to give a detailed status of the euro stablecoin market, highlighting its adoption, challenges, and recent developments. According to the talk description, he will also delve into the role of regulation in facilitating growth and the shift from speculation to utility use of stablecoins.

For crypto developers and data enthusiasts, Leo Liang’s from Coinbase talk on “ChainStorage – Blockchain Data Availability & Agility Layer” will provide a deep dive into the design and story behind ChainStorage, a blockchain storage system widely adopted within Coinbase.

Thijs Maas from Onramper will provide unique insights into the performance of fiat on-ramps globally. As an aggregator, Maas is poised to illuminate the gaps in the current on-ramp coverage and provide transparency into their performances worldwide.

In Cyrille Pastour from Swaap’s talk, “Turning 4y of data to 1000y: lessons from our AMM simulator,” listeners can expect to glean insights from a simulator designed to test various types of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) under thousands of market conditions.

Other noteworthy talks include Alice Henshaw & Sara Reynold’s discussion on what’s next for Uniswap, Guangmian Kung’s exploration of self-sovereign social recovery for ERC-4337, and Dominic Williams from ICP’s presentation titled “Fully On-Chain: Internet Computer.”

Lastly, an appearance by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin promises to be a highlight, although the specifics of his talk are yet to be announced.

There are tens of other talks and workshops throughout the week that will also offer fantastic value to viewers and listeners. However, these are some of the talks CryptoSlate’s editorial team is most excited to attend.

As always, the EthCC conference is a significant event for the Ethereum community and the broader crypto world, with presentations offering unique insights into the current state of Ethereum and the future of decentralized technologies.

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