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Tezos-based Kalamint partners with Wert to offer credit card top ups

Kalamint, the second largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos Network, has implemented wallet top-up through Wert.

Tezos-based Kalamint partners with Wert to offer credit card top ups

Photo by Tim Krisztian on Unsplash

Kalamint, the second-largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos Network (XTZ), has implemented wallet top-up through Wert. Users can now top up their XTZ wallets from the main Kalamint page using their credit cards.

Having successfully raised investment from the Draper Goren Holm fund and seed investment from Amesten Capital, Kalamint is now established as one of the top ten most used NFT marketplaces. 

“We are extremely excited to be partnered with Wert for credit card purchases of crypto on Kalamint. We know that this is the first step into a future where NFTs can gain mainstream adoption and artists can share their work in a borderless world,” says Chris Deschenes, Kalamint CEO.

Kalamint on Tezos

Based in Bengaluru India, Kalamint now operates as the go-to digital art galleries in the country, helping indian artists to promote their digital artwork. The Tezos infrastructure allows for more affordable minting for all NFT artists.

The Tezos blockchain also relies on what’s called a “liquid proof-of-stake” (LPoS), consumes over two million times less energy than Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Meaning Kalamint can position itself as a clean, green NFT marketplace. Minting on Tezos has also been a cost-benefit for the artist and buyers, offering an affordable way for creatives to leverage the power behind NFTs.

To differentiate itself from other NFT platforms Kalamint does not offer all artists the opportunity to mint and instead has implemented a creative artists selection process. Validation during the application process involves checking the identity of all artists as a way to minimize copyminting on the platform. 

The partnership with Wert top-up module is designed to offer the end user the best user experience on the platform, eliminating clicks and the hassle of dealing with multiple ways to top-up. Wert and Kalamint work together to provide a natural extension of the marketplace.

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