Status Announces Ethereum dApp Browser Alpha, Invests $5 Million into Matrix Status Announces Ethereum dApp Browser Alpha, Invests $5 Million into Matrix
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Status Announces Ethereum dApp Browser Alpha, Invests $5 Million into Matrix

Status Announces Ethereum dApp Browser Alpha, Invests $5 Million into Matrix

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Status (SNT), one of the leading dApp mobile browser platforms for Android and iOS, is looking to make an aggressive expansion in 2018. With the Alpha version released, Android users can test out the interface and interact with seven official dApps and more from State of DApps.

Yesterday, Status announced that they will be investing $5 million into what is known in the crypto community as one of the leading decentralized communication apps,

Status has been developing their mobile app since completing its massive ICO in June of 2017.

The Status dApp Browser

First off is the chat with Console — chats are becoming smarter, sharing similar features to Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft). Users are able to talk to the Console to complete a number of commands, such as /browse (open browser), /faucet (get ETH), /phone (find friends) and many more. Your password can even be created through the Console chatbot.

The Main Wallet lets users send and receive Testnet ETH or SNT (Status Network Token), although the blog also says that all ERC20 tokens are compatible with Status.

The Discover section of Status app
The Discover section lets users browse through the dApps available on Status, as well as join public chats.

The chat will be featuring offline inboxing, which is a hint at creating a Whisper mail server.

Overall, this alpha has a similar feel to Toshi, although as time goes on we should see how these two will differ in functionality. If you’re interested in learning more about Ethereum dApp browsers, which is how most of us will use the Ethereum network in the future, check out our recent article. Investment

One of the hot topics of 2018 seem to revolve around chatting and crypto. This is has been on the minds of many, including Telegram and their plan to launch a $1.2 billion ICO.

Status, being an open source and decentralized platform, has decided to invest in to help with their communications. is most famously known for their efforts to create a truly decentralized communications network, mainly with chat client Riot’s current goal is to become a platform that ends fragmented IP communications. In other words, allow users to chat with each other regardless of what app they are using. It can be seen as a potential evolution to email.

Status wants Matrix to work further on their Riot app, which will work together with Status to incorporate DApp widgets in the Riot ecosystem. Riot will also be able to use the Status Network token to allow crypto payments.

Status is making moves to become the world’s number one DApp mobile browser, even being preinstalled on the world’s first blockchain smartphone by decentralized consumer electronics company, SIRIN Labs.

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