Sam Weeks

Emerging Trends and Technology, Google Cloud at Google

Sam Weeks Bio

Sam serves as a pivotal member of the Customer Engineering team at Google Cloud, where he has contributed for the past five years. Currently embedded in the Emerging Trends and Technology team, Sam brings a forward-thinking approach to understanding and applying cutting-edge technologies that help enterprises adapt to a swiftly evolving landscape.

Focus on Emerging Trends

Sam’s role primarily involves delving deep into the potential of novel technologies. This is not a cursory exploration; Sam takes a panoramic view of how technologies could transform society at large and in the long term. His research interests include the future evolution of the public internet, particularly as it becomes more graphically rich and controlled by artificial intelligence.

Technical Expertise

Among his technical specialisms are Generative AI, blockchain, 3D graphics rendering and streaming, along with more conventional infrastructure and networking technologies. His nuanced understanding of these technologies positions him uniquely to forecast both the benefits and challenges they could present to businesses and end-users alike.

Previous Roles and Contributions

Prior to his tenure at Google Cloud, Sam worked with video game creators and marketing agencies. His role then was equally cutting-edge, helping these creative teams build and launch immersive experiences using the latest technologies available.

Sam’s career stands as a testament to his commitment to understanding the future of technology, and his work continues to help both enterprises and the broader society prepare for what’s next.

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Sam Weeks Education

  • University College London, Master's Degree, Physics, 2011 - 2015

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