Korean tax authorities investigate Bithumb, subsidiaries Korean tax authorities investigate Bithumb, subsidiaries

Korean tax authorities investigate Bithumb, subsidiaries

The National Tax Service opened a "special tax investigation" into Bithumb, including the individual Kang Jong-hyeon, who is alleged to be the company owner.

Korean tax authorities investigate Bithumb, subsidiaries

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The National Tax Service (NTS) of Korea opened a “special tax investigation” into the affairs of Bithumb Holdings and its subsidiary companies, according to Korean news outlet Yonhap News.

Tax authorities are scrutinizing all group company’s domestic and international transactions to uncover possible tax evasion and money laundering.

Former Bithumb Holdings Chair Lee Jung-Hoon was recently cleared of fraud charges over a lack of evidence. The incident stemmed from the alleged theft of $100 million from the Chair of the BK Medical Group, Kim Byung-Gun, who was negotiating an acquisition deal.

The embezzlement investigation turned up links between Bithumb and an individual named Kang Jong-hyeon, who is suspected of running the company from behind the scenes.

As part of its investigation into Bithumb companies, the NTS also intends to probe Kang’s personal tax affairs and those of his sister Kang Ji-yeon.

Tax authorities have previously investigated Bithumb

In 2019, following a tax probe, Bithumb Korea was hit with an โ‚ฉโ€Ž80 billion ($69 million) tax bill in relation to withholding tax on foreign customers’ incomes.

The firm responded by saying it was inappropriate to levy withholding tax as it already pays corporate and local income taxes on its operating profits.

Similarly, in 2018, an investigation found Bithumb not guilty of tax evasion but the company was still slapped with a โ‚ฉโ€Ž30 billion ($28 million) bill for back taxes relating to years 2014 to 2017.

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