Elon Musk’s favourite ‘Godzilla’ movie has got its own exclusive NFTs Elon Musk’s favourite ‘Godzilla’ movie has got its own exclusive NFTs
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Elon Musk’s favourite ‘Godzilla’ movie has got its own exclusive NFTs

The latest part of the world-famous Godzilla movie franchise is jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Elon Musk’s favourite ‘Godzilla’ movie has got its own exclusive NFTs

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The ‘Godzilla verse Kong’ movie, a spin-off of movie characters Godzilla and King Kong, has now got its own exclusive line-up of non-fungible tokens (NFT), CryptoSlate learned in a release.

So what does Elon Musk have to do with it? He loves the movie (according to his most recent Tweets)!

The Godzilla movies have always been popular, in fact in the series there have been 38 movies made so far, so Godzilla might look scary but the scaly giant has found his way into the heart of movie fans everywhere.

Terra Virtua Godzilla Collectibles

To mark the latest epic movie, Terra Virtua, a blockchain-powered marketplace, has released their incredible Godzilla NFT collectibles to fanfare. The marketplace focuses on NFTs while even providing ‘exhibition’ spaces for those.

Unlike other marketplaces, Terra Virtua users can work with major brand owners to create digital collectibles from their intellectual property which they then sell, they also display the NFTs by providing the utility for using the NFTs clients purchase.

the Terra Virtua ecosystem offers 3 different virtual exhibition spacesโ€”The Fancave, The Terradome, and the Art Galleryโ€”and users can show them off via augmented reality apps on their mobile phones or PCs after the purchase is made.

Who Are Terra Virtua?

It started off in a Starbucks, as so much often does. Jawad Ashraf, the cofounder pitched the first concept to Gary Bracey. From there they started fleshing out the idea.

Jawad was always working on building companies based on disruptive technologies and saw blockchain and the permanent ownership of digital assets as the next step from in-app and in-game purchases.ย 

Both Jawad and Gary wanted to take this idea of theirs mainstream, as Gary had an extensive track record in licensing properties from Hollywood and beyond, and the duo saw VR as key to the next step of interactivity.

Initially, with an NFT focus on VR, they expanded the vision to include every digital touchpoint for an asset owned by a person, such as an online marketplace, mobile, 3d desktop, and VR.

They successfully raised $2.5 million in September 2020 in a massively oversubscribed funding round, which was a long time before โ€˜NFTโ€™ mania hit the mainstream. And that has since converted into Terra Virtua becoming one of the top digital collectible platform that offers truly immersive experiences for users.

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