News will lay off 260 people, shrinking by 5% will lay off 260 people, shrinking by 5% will lay off 260 people, shrinking by 5% becomes the third crypto company to announce their downsize by letting go 260 people from its staff. will lay off 260 people, shrinking by 5%

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Crypto exchange platform announced it will be downsizing by 5% and let 260 of its staff go due to current market conditions.’s CEO Kris Marszalek posted a thread on Twitter describing the company’s standing in the current market.

Marszalek said the company has to choose to downsize until the bull market returns to keep its focus on its roadmap.

He also added that in addition to downsizing, the company will take additional precautions to protect itself from the current market.

Did spend too much too fast?

The financial struggles of crypto.comย  may not be related to the current bear market only. The community speculates that is going through a rough financial patch because it spent too much on advertisements and naming rights while losing a considerable amount to a recent hack.

Advertisements started its bravery campaign with the motto “Fortune Favors the Brave” in October 2021.

The campaign started with a video featuring Matt Damon calling people to be brave and invest in crypto. This video aired across 20 countries and cost about $100 million to the company.

The second video came out in February 2022 as a 30-second-long Super Bowl commercial starring LeBron James. This advertisement reached nearly 100 million viewers while costing about $7 million just for putting it up during the Super Bowl commercials.

The company also released a third video, which went live in March, with Joel Embiid saying, “future favors the brave.”

Naming rights

In 2021, bought the naming rights of the Staples Center in Los Angeles for $700 million and re-named it “ Arena.”

A Twitter user mentioned this spending and replied to Marszalek’s tweet, implying that it was too much of an expense:

In addition to the Staples Center, spent more than $400 million on six different sports deals last year.

Effects of the hack

In January 2022, suffered a hack, and 483 of its users lost about $34 million.

The attackers took advantage of a two-factor authentication bug and stole $15 million worth of Ethereum, $19 million worth of Bitcoin, and $66,200 worth of other currencies.

A week after the hack, thousands of users reached out to to complain about how they couldn’t log in to their accounts and asked for help.

In response, Marszalek tweeted:

“In 95/100 cases you are simply using the wrong email to login. We don’t allow duplicate accounts with the same phone number, so you will get stuck if you are using the wrong email,”

He also added:

“Rest assured your funds are safe and waiting for you to log back in.. with the right email.”

Third crypto exchange toย  downsize

The first crypto company that chose to downsize was Geminiย when they announced they were letting 10% of their staff go to survive the winter. Its case was particularly attention capturing since it had never let its staff go since its foundation in 2014.

A few days after Gemini’s announcement, Coinbase also chose to un-hire new recruits and freeze the hiring process indefinitely to survive the current market. There were speculations regarding Coinbase’s financial status months before its downsizing announcement.

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