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Quantum Economics Background

Quantum Economics is dedicated to analyzing the effects of quantitative easing and helping people navigate the economic landscape of this particularly interesting period in history.

In the current economic environment, if youโ€™re not investing youโ€™re losing money.

The Federal Reserve and other central banks, with their experimental policies and aggressive market manipulation, have made their currencies so cheap that it might soon become worthless.

Therefore, it is now the duty of every man, women, and child to increase their financial literacy and explore the wonderful world of investments.

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Quantum Economics Team

Quantum Economics
Mati Greenspan

Founder & CEO

Quantum Economics
Charles Bovaird

VP of Content

Quantum Economics
Evamarie Augustine

Director of FinTech

Quantum Economics
Lou Kerner

Head Crypto Analyst

Quantum Economics
Rachel Wolfson

Enterprise Blockchain Analyst

Quantum Economics
Ethan Pierse

Director of Tokenization

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