BabylonChain Inc.

Bringing Bitcoin security to Cosmos and beyond

BabylonChain Inc. Background

BabylonChain Inc. is a pioneering blockchain project platform dedicated to fostering the coexistence of Bitcoin and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains within a decentralized ecosystem. The company’s vision revolves around enhancing the security and functionality of PoS blockchains by leveraging Bitcoin’s robust security protocols without incurring additional energy costs. BabylonChain aims to revolutionize the blockchain landscape by bridging the gap between these two prominent technologies.

Features and Objectives

BabylonChain Inc. operates on the principle of trustless staking, eliminating the need for bridging, wrapping, or pegging Bitcoin assets. The platform offers users full autonomy over their assets with fast unbonding capabilities, allowing them to control their staking activities seamlessly. Additionally, BabylonChain’s modular design ensures compatibility with various PoS chains, providing a versatile and secure plug-in solution for different blockchain networks. The company prioritizes complete security against PoS attacks, emphasizing the protection and integrity of user assets and transactions.

Company Culture and Growth

BabylonChain Inc. boasts a dynamic and diverse team comprising world-class researchers, developers, and experienced business advisors. The company fosters an open, inclusive, and agile team culture, promoting passion and personal growth among its members. BabylonChain values individual development and offers internship and CPT programs in research and development, web development, creative design, marketing, and business development, reflecting its commitment to nurturing talent and innovation within the blockchain industry.

BabylonChain Inc. Team

David Tse
David Tse


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