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ARCH Price
Market Cap
24H Volume

ARCH Market Stats

  • Price $0.10432
  • 1H Change -0.04%
  • 24H Change -0.62%
  • 7 Day Change -6.31%
  • 30 Day Change -35.72%
  • All-Time High $0.28977
  • % From ATH -63.92%
  • ATH Date Dec 24, 2023

Archway Info

Archway is a Cosmos-native incentivized L1 blockchain platform designed to empower developers by enabling them to capture the value their dapps create, fostering sustainable economic models[1][5].

Features of Archway:

1. Value Capture Engine

  • Smart Contract Premiums: Developers can program a fee into dapp smart contracts, with 100% going to dapp developers.
  • Inflationary Yield: Archway shares a portion of the network’s token inflation directly with dapps, with 25% going to dapp developers and 75% to validators.
  • Gas Fee Rebates: Developers receive half of all gas fees their contracts generate, divided evenly between developers and validators.

2. Tech Stack and Modules

  • Archway’s ecosystem is set up for sustainable growth, with a focus on innovative modules, intuitive tooling, and a robust tech stack.

3. Partnership and Collaboration

  • Archway’s core contributors have deep industry experience and aim to empower and reward developers.

4. Staking and Validation

  • Archway supports staking through Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), where validators secure the network and delegators can participate in securing the network and earn rewards.

5. Governance Participation

  • Developers are encouraged to participate in on-chain governance, contributing to a better user experience.

Archway was designed as a baseplate for innovation, rewarding developers proportionally for the value they bring to the network and deviating from the traditional “fat protocols, skinny dapps” model of most L1s. The platform’s mainnet is live, and stakefish, an early supporter of the Cosmos developer tooling ecosystem, has announced support for Archway as a Mainnet validator.

Archway Crypto in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Archway is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, providing developers with all the tools necessary to create innovative dapps, including Area-52, an interactive learning platform. Archway’s unique rewarding system incentivizes dapp developers, creating a healthier, more symbiotic ecosystem where both the network and dapps can flourish.

Archway Technical Info

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