Bittrex to Power Cryptofacil Digital Asset Platform in Uruguay Bittrex to Power Cryptofacil Digital Asset Platform in Uruguay
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Bittrex to Power Cryptofacil Digital Asset Platform in Uruguay

Bittrex to Power Cryptofacil Digital Asset Platform in Uruguay

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Seattle-based Bittrex’s global trading platform continues to increase its credibility by securing a licensing deal with Cryptofacil, a fintech company facilitating clients in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Uruguay’s Future in Crypto

By marrying Uruguay-based Cryptofacil’s marketing strategy for Latin American customers with Bittrex’s trading platform technology, cryptocurrencies are able to increase their global footprint; however, the agreement also adds a level of security and regulation in Latin America and Caribbean locations where it didn’t exist before.

Trading digital assets has been an experiment in white-knuckling patience and anxiety, but Cryptofacil’s co-founder Andres Szafran and his team have constructed an architecture of security developed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Szafran said his company’s interface will provide users with a chance to participate in cryptocurrency adoption in a way that is visually easy to interpret. A well-rounded team of tech, security and marketing representatives set the groundwork for a successful market, and the company is set to offer more than 270 tokens in correlation with premium services and competitive market fees.

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In a press release, Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara said:

“Cryptofacil and Bittrex will provide Latin American and Caribbean customers a reliable, fast and secure trading platform that also offers access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects…[It] is partnerships like this one that will serve to not only support the blockchain industry, but also to incubate innovative projects using this revolutionary technology.”

News of the partnership comes ahead of the Blockchain Summit in Uruguay, where Szafran is set to speak about the future of cryptocurrency and educate attendees about his contributions to the industry.

Most recently, Bittrex entered the Canadian market through a partnership with CatalX, as previously reported by CryptoSlate.

Congress Eyes Regulation

Though Bittrex continues to be a pioneer in security measures for crypto-trading, it remains unregulated by the government. But as interest in the industry filters into business infrastructures, Congress continues to pay attention.

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As reported last month, a variety of crypto-exchanges in the U.S. have been optioned for legislation, and declaring regulated legal status to cryptocurrencies may revolutionize the blooming market and send the blockchain factory into overdrive.

Financial technology hasn’t caused a ruckus like this since the credit card’s magnetic strip made Forrest Corry Parry an engineering hero. It’s fair to consider the currency evolution on track for a crypto upgrade.